10 Important Tips On Electrical Safety

Your complete guide on electrical safety around your home. 

Electrical safety is so important in today’s day and age, where using electrical appliances and gadgets is the norm. Electricity is pivotal to function in a normal human setting. It’s needed for nearly everything, from microwaving leftovers to using the internet. However, it always comes with a risk of exposure if not wired up properly. 

In households where children and elders reside, you need to be ultra-careful with your electrical outputs. Leaving them astray without any protection could lead to short circuits, small shocks, and even fires. Moreover, if you don’t take care of your cabling, your entire electrical system could overheat and shut down. 

So, here are the top tips on electrical safety that you should follow no matter what. 

Cut the power 

If you’re pulling a plug, switch off the power source, and then do it. The same applies if you’re putting a plug into the main power source. If you have an extended adapter, make sure the power source is cut off before touching it. Not doing this could lead to unnecessary short circuits or accidents.

If you must look into an electrical breaker box, it’s pivotal that the fixture is switched off completely. Then use a tester and switch the flip on again to check that it’s working. Be sure to wear rubber gloves when handling any form of electricity, even when it’s switched off. 

Always keep a fire extinguisher

If by any chance you’re facing potential fire risks with electrical sparks, do not put water on it. Not only would it cause an electrical shock, but it also has certain elements that conduct, and not extinguish, fire. The better option is to always have a fire extinguisher on hand. In the unfortunate case of a fire, please call 997.

You need to be prepared even if you have the fire extinguisher ready. Make sure to test it out before placing it in your house, just so you know how to use it when the need arises. Place it in locations where you think a potential fire hazard might occur such as in your living room, which usually has the most electronics or your kitchen. 

Make use of several outlets 

What we see happening most of the time is using one power outlet, an extension cord, and having several plugs in that outlet or using the power from that single outlet. This is not safe, as you might overload that single outlet, cause a short circuit or overheat it. 

It’s important to distribute your appliance inputs among a large number of outlets so that you don’t overload a single one. In case you don’t have enough outlets or need many outlets in a location populated with appliances, it might be a good idea to get an electrician to install more in the area. 

Check your outlets 

With the outlet, switch turned off, run your hand through electrical outlets across your house. If they are hot, it’s a bad sign. Each outlet should be as cool as possible. In case it isn’t, it’s a clear sign of overheating or that something is super wrong with the electrical placement at home. 

As such, it’s prudent to call in an expert electrician at once. Experts at Octopus can come to your home and check the breaker box to make sure that all the wiring is fine. With such intricate repairs, it’s best to leave it to the experts. 

Make your outlets safe for children

If there are children running about at home, don’t take the risk of leaving your outlets wide open for them. Children are extremely curious and can easily flip switches on and off whenever they feel like it, especially if the outlets are on a lower level. 

To ensure their safety, place insulated outlet covers or spring-loaded protection on your outlets that shut themselves when nothing is plugged in. When something is plugged in, the good news is that your child can’t reach the actual outlet or pull out the plug. 

Look into flickering lights

Don’t worry, it’s not a ghost! Flickering lights are a sign that something is wrong with your wiring. Probably a loose connection somewhere. But it’s important to get this fixed very soon, as loose wire is a major fire hazard, especially when bulbs are involved. 

Flickering lights could also mean that the bulbs themselves have become loose, thus hindering a steady flow of electricity. Make the bulb tighter to see if the flickering stops. If not, your best bet is to call in an electrician to fix it for you. 

Don’t overwork your extension cords 

Extension cords are usually a solution for the short term and are placed when you don’t have other options for electrical outlets. But, under no circumstance, should extension cords be a permanent solution for your electrical requirements. They won’t be able to take the load for the long term and could easily burn out due to wear and tear.

Instead of using extension cords for a longer time, ask your electrician to create more electrical outlets where you need them. The more, the better. 

Get fault circuit interrupters installed

Ground-fault circuit interrupters are incredibly useful as they immediately shut off the power source in case they feel that the electrical current is going towards a short circuit or insulation issue. It’s a very important electrical safety tool to have in place.

Not only does this stop the incidence of electrical shocks, it also improves the risks of fire hazards due to electrical problems such as loose wiring or anything other faults. It’s recommended to install these in the bathroom and kitchen. 

Get an expert electrician 

Expert companies such as Octopus have world-class technicians who can guide you on the best electrical safety tips and also install protective gear to make your surroundings child-proof. 

Taking care of electrical problems on your own can be very risky. It’s not something you should risk taking up as there’s always an option to call in professionals. Loose and random wiring could cause shocks and fires, putting you, your home, and your loved ones at risk.

Before choosing an electrician, make sure that they are licensed and also insured against accidents, to absolve you of liabilities. 

Make sure to follow these electrical safety tips!

For more information or any inquiries, reach out to experts at Octopus. We have great annual maintenance contract packages, including electrical repairs, plumbing, repainting, and AC maintenance. Call our toll-free number 800 3993. 

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