4 ways to prep your house for Football Season hiring the right professional Handyman

With the FIFA World Cup 2022 just around the corner, people are looking forward to hosting football-themed gatherings at their homes. If you’re looking to do the same, you might want to keep some of these maintenance tips in mind. 

Clean your AC filters to remain cooler

There are a number of home filters that you need to clean throughout the year. If you plan on hosting your friends over to watch a FIFA game, prepare your home for any potential hiccups beforehand. 

Home AC filters require regular cleaning to maximize airflow! A clean AC filter should be your top priority to help you cool your home better than a dirty filter. Book your AC service here.

Check for potential leaks before the game

Many times, plumbing or ductwork leaks get missed until they become bigger and more time-consuming problems. If you cannot check for leaks by yourself, reach out to our team at Octopus for a regular maintenance check.

Make sure there’s enough place for everyone

Beanbags, chairs, inflatable seating options; whatever you prefer – confirm there is enough space for everybody to be comfortable. Seating spaces should also be decided keeping potential hazards in mind. You might want to get rid of any clutter that’s been laying in your front yard or backyard over the months. Our handymen can help you!

Prep the outdoors for a FIFA screening

Planning to host a screening in your front yard or backyard? If you’re considering to prep your outdoors for a football screening, you might need outdoor lights or sockets for your projector screen installed. We’ve got all the hands you’d need to get your area ready for the game. 

If you think you need assistance for any of the above-mentioned points, reach out to Octopus by clicking here

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