5 Reasons To Clean Your Water Tank

Clean your water tank

Your water tank is a breeding ground for a plethora of bacteria. Left uncleaned, the results could be disastrous, with hygiene tossed out the window. As water is your lifeline, it’s super important to clean your water tank at least once a year. In fact, Dubai Municipality has guidelines for the same. The Municipality advises every household to get their water tank cleaned regularly for themselves and their loved ones. 

In Dubai, we don’t get our drinking water directly from the source. Countries such as Europe, water is cleaned and filtered in an incredibly safe water system throughout the city. You can drink water directly from the tap. In Dubai, however, all water supplies come through a tank and pump system. 

The residents of the UAE are even more vulnerable to using contaminated water in case tanks are not maintained, cleaned, or sealed effectively. Tank water could be exposed to outside elements and hordes of bacteria. While the Dubai Municipality does checks, many of us tend to ignore our water tank. This could be very dangerous.

Even if you don’t check it on your own, it’s important to have a professional take a look at it. 

Here are the five most important reasons why you should clean your water tank or call in experts to do it for you.

Bacteria will be rampant

Areas with stagnant water are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Letting your water tank sit untouched and uncleaned leads to vulnerabilities. These can result in the possibility of your tank being contaminated. Dust is common in Dubai, and if your tank isn’t sealed or cleaned regularly, it can mix in with the water and become unhygienic to use. 

Other particles such as mold, silt, dirt, and more could also find their way into your tank. Not only will this water be completely unfit for drinking but also unusable for activities such as showers, cleaning dishes, and more. Imagine waking up one day to find your tap water extra murky! That sure wouldn’t be pleasant. 

Bringing in water-borne diseases

Contaminated water could lead to illnesses, some of which are fatal. Common diseases you could get through contaminated water include cholera, typhoid, lead poisoning, diarrhea, and more. These conditions make the body weak and could keep patients bedridden for ages. Prevent this from happening by cleaning your water tank or get it checked by a professional


In cases where water running from taps has adopted a certain brownish hue, you’ve most likely got a rust problem on your hands. Consuming rust is extremely bad for your health and you need to have it checked by a professional. 

Moreover, your water tank might also include a pathogenic microorganism that comes into your tank through a host. Such hosts are rodents, insects, or any other organisms that thrive in water. These pesky creatures find their way into the tank because it isn’t covered properly or hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Once they enter, you have a serious problem.

Water filters aren’t the ultimate solution

Many households use water filters and feel that they are sufficient to safeguard your house from external threats, removing all forms of bacteria. Whatever your water-filter company promises, water isn’t truly fit for consumption unless the source is clean. 

While filtered water is indeed better than its unfiltered counterpart, you still face significant risks. Contaminated water, infested by bacteria or hosts, could still lead to water-borne diseases, even after it goes through a filter.

Maintenance costs reduce 

Keeping you and your family in good health should be one of the main reasons for cleaning out your tank. A contaminated tank costs a lot of money to repair, and in some cases, you might need to replace the tank altogether. Just imagine the hole in your wallet after you pay for these expenses.

Instead, regular maintenance keeps your tank clean and also prevents last-minute repair work that’s expensive and time-consuming. While this work’s going on, you might not have access to water, thus putting a damper on your day. Clean, hygienic water keeps your household productive and healthy. 

What should you look for when getting someone to clean your tank?

  • Ensure that they are certified by the Dubai Municipality and trained with accredited qualifications to clean your water tank. Check for all appropriate licenses. 
  • Ask about their insurance coverage and what it includes.
  • Make sure that they tell you about which products they are using to clean your water tank. Usually, the best products are eco-friendly, without too many chemicals. Chemical-based products are not preferred at your water source. Ensure that everything they use is safe for your family. 
  • Ask them if the replacement of float and foot valves is a part of their job, as these elements are necessary for an optimum water-pump system. 
  • Check if they specialize in your area as different areas have a wide variety of tanks, and it might take a focussed expert to tackle this. 
  • If your water tank is out of your reach, do not attempt to clean it on your own. Professionals will have safety equipment that is essential to do a proper job. You might also contaminate the water tank further if you don’t have the right tools.

Have safe, consumable water throughout the year!

Health concerns aside, it would be beneficial for your long-term costs if you maintained and checked your water tank. You don’t want bacteria to fester and spread, leading to water-borne diseases and a buildup of medical expenses. Moreover, last-minute repairs are not only super expensive but also put a brake on your daily routine. 

The best option is to call in experts that are aware of the ins and outs of a water tank, especially in your area. They are not only qualified to check your tank but will also follow safety protocols, preventing further contamination. Always make sure to ask for the right qualifications when reaching out to a cleaner, especially those suggested by the Dubai Municipality. 

Finally, Octopus offers expert water cleaning services for all types of properties. Additionally, our experienced range of handymen also solves home maintenance issues such as plumbing, electrical problems, repainting, and air conditioner maintenance. We’re happy to help! Reach out to us on our toll-free number, 800 3993. 

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