5 Things To Know Before Moving From An Apartment To A Villa

Picture this- you’re ready to step into your brand new home. You’re excited because you’re moving into a villa after ages of living in an apartment that, let’s be honest; just doesn’t offer the kind of space you want in your home- inside or outside. You’re ready to start living big. So, what do you need to keep in mind while moving into a villa in Dubai?

Identify a list of pre-move plans

Keep a list of pre-move projects handy. This will not only help you identify the pre-requisites for your big move but also help you budget for it. Nobody likes an unexpected dip in their wallet, especially during a crucial time. Moving can be a busy time, with several things requiring your attention at once. So when the time comes, this list will prove to be your salvation and guide.

Ensure that it’s comprehensive. Don’t hesitate to put in the smallest of details related to your move in there. Anything that requires planning can cause a lot of stress and expenses if something goes awry.

Permits, permits, permits

This being Dubai, you will need permits for almost any housing actions you want to make. Particularly when it comes to big names in the construction industry. We suggest you make a special list of permits that include the following and keep all your documents ready at least a week in advance.

Keep your apartment DEWA, telecommunications, and cooling (if your building provides separate cooling).

You will need permits in the form of a NOC from your landlord to move in and out. 

Some communities require special permits for contractors to set foot in the compounds. Make sure that you check with your community center and get them ahead of time.


This word sends shivers down our spines. New movers tend to face tons of unexpected costs. If you’ve faced this before, you know that it’s not you- it’s almost everybody. Small, unseen costs add up to large sums, which end up being a drain on your purse.

So here are a few things to keep in mind, funding-wise.

Security deposits. This one may need no mentioning. Moving into a new home includes a security deposit, regardless of whether it is an apartment or a villa. But keep an eye out for moving-out maintenance costs, if you want to see your old deposit back. Hire a professional company to revert your apartment to the same condition that it was leased to you in. It’s a small price to pay for a lump sum return. 

Speaking of moving out maintenance, your new villa may not necessarily come to you in the cleanest of forms. While contractors are legally obligated to ensure that the properties are well maintained and clean (read: empty). It doesn’t often meet the standards of cleanliness you’d hope for before moving in. Be prepared hire an agency to handle it before you move in.

Agents fee. Just like the security deposit, the officially accepted agent’s fee in Dubai is five percent of your annual rent.

New utility accounts. If you’re leasing/purchasing a villa under your own name for the first time – be mindful of these extra charges. DEWA and your telecommunications contractor may charge account opening services and deposits. Telecommunications providers like Etisalat and Du especially tend to add installation charges. Unless, you’re transferring your existing connection to your new home, be prepared to bear this cost.

An aspect some movers tend not to factor into their moving budget is movers’ charges. Unless you’re willing to follow up an intense packing session with breaking up your big furniture, hauling them to the new property, and reattaching everything once again, we strongly recommend hiring professional movers to handle the heavy work. They come with their own boxes and work methodically, and they know how to package and transport fragile pieces with care.

Plan for community living

Moving into a villa in Dubai often means moving into a community. What this means is that, unlike apartments, you’re just going to have to make nice with your neighbors. 

Community living comes with a host of benefits. You’ll have a group of people who have experience dealing with the same potential problems living accessibly close to you. And of course, you and your family will rarely want for company with friendly neighbors.

So we suggest that you reach out and exchange contact information. Join your neighborhood Facebook group for valuable information and tips on the best home services. Added to that is the fact that it’s a great place to access local resources in case of an emergency.

Home Maintenance

Once you have moved in, the responsibility for home maintenance falls to you. So the first thing you’ve got to set your mind to is familiarising yourself with your new home. Learn which electrical socket does what and acquaint yourself with your electrical box. Know what to do in case you ever blow a fuse.  

Keep an agency’s number handy and regularly schedule your maintenance work before it causes a disruption in your lifestyle. Your home needs regular care, just like your car. Some companies offer annual home maintenance packages that work year-round to make your life easier and smoother. They tend to include AC preventative services, regular plumbing, and electrical checks, and free emergency and non-emergency callouts. And the best bit? A regularly maintained house means no last-minute scramble.

Happy Moving!

Hopefully, the reasons stated in this article encourage you to call in experts like Octopus sign an annual maintenance contract. Our professionals are all well-trained and licensed.

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