5 Electrical Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

Electrical tips that every new homeowner should know.

New homeowners, this one is for you. Here are a few electrical service tips to keep in mind. We know getting things in order can be overwhelming, luckily we’re here to give you a hand! Ensure that your home is maintained by professionals to keep it functional throughout the year. 

An important, yet often overlooked aspect, is the electrical system. Yep, we’re talking about all the wires running through your walls. The hidden cords that are quite often overlooked and forgotten to run regular maintenance check on them. Unless a power out or fire hazard sparks from a sudden malfunction.
That’s why, it is of utmost importance to keep your circuits in check.  

Electrical maintenance is proven to be quite complex. This is why we recommend professional help when running fuse box or electrical outlet inspections.

Nevertheless, here are five electrical tips that you as a homeowner should surely know:

1) Cut the power at the right moment

Many homeowners, especially new ones, are not familiar with the fuse box, and fail to cut the power when needed. Learning this process is essential for the preventive management of electrical hazards. Each circuit breaker is different and follow distinct shut off process. Calling an expert is the ideal solution. However, emergency instances may leave you no choice but to take care of it yourself. In which case, preemptive research is necessary. Understand your circuit breaker and its shut off procedure to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Rubber gloves are a must. They come in handy when preventing your body from becoming an electrical conduit. Remember to wear them before performing any electrical tweaks at home. It may be a broken lightbulb or fixing an outlet but the correct use of safety gear may potentially save your life.

If the task is too complex or beyond your skillset – you can count on an expert to handle it.

2) Research on your GFCI 

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a useful, preemptive tool that safeguards your household. In case of any electrical failure, this tool performs a total shutdown of the affected area. It prevents short circuiting from extending its damage. Electrical malfunctions are hidden from plain sight and can be difficult to identify, which is how the GFCI comes in handy.

GFCIs are mandated in humid where outlets and electrical appliances are exposed and in close proximity to water. It is ideal that every new homeowner is ware of such tool. It may one day save your home from suffering extensive damage. Some electrical may be too dangerous to fix on your own. Remember to call your local home maintenance service provider you’re in need of assistance.

3) Be wary of signs of trouble

While electrical issues are not always apparent, there are certain signs that can help you determine if your home needs help. Regular inspections can help you identify when and if an advanced expertise is needed. Not only will experts check if your new home adheres to electrical code standards, but it will also help you recognize risks and common malfunctions. Your technician can nip problems in the bud before they get bigger.

Other signs of faulty electrical outputs include over heated wiring, smoke smell emanated from outlets, flickering lights, and more. If any of these signs are present, it is important to follow our electrical tips and call an expert

4) Wattage

One of the biggest mistakes you could do is pairing the wrong wattage with the wrong appliance. Not only is it important to match the correct ones for your safety, but it also helps you save on energy and keep your electrical bills to a minimum. Also, remember not to overload your extension cord or use it for a long time under any circumstance. 

Extension cords aren’t meant for permanent use and are only meant to be used once in a while. In case you have heavy-duty appliances, simply install more than one outlet in a single place.

5) Keep tabs on experts

The final but most important tip is to find the right local expert who is well reputed and can handle any electrical faults at home. It is important for new homeowners to locate the nearest home maintenance service provider, doing so can help you lower expenses.

Once you build a relationship with the right company, it becomes so much easier to have them do maintenance at home at least twice a year. At Octopus, we have a wide array of experts, not only on electrical issues, but also repainting, plumbing, AC maintenance, and more. 

How to find the best electrician for you:

1) Always opt for a company rather than an individual. A home maintenance service provider’s electrical team has an accessible schedule. Some are even available 24/7. 😉

2) Make sure that they are licensed and insured against unexpected events, taking the liability off your shoulders. Do not go for unlicensed technicians under any circumstances as they may not be as well-versed with any of the latest developments. 

3) Check for reviews, both online and offline. Ask your neighbors, friends, and family for referrals, and cross-check them online. 

4) Request a site visit before proceeding with a quotation for your home. Only once they have completely understood the assignment should they send in a quote.

5) Ask them about their experience and if they have done similar jobs in the area. Each area or community might have its own set of electrical codes.

Electrical tips for the new homeowner

Whether you’ve been staying at this place for a while or if this is the first home you have bought, it’s important to know these set of electrical tips as listed out by Octopus. We are experts in our field, offering services right from solving electrical problems to repainting, plumbing, and AC maintenance. Enter into our annual contract and we’ll visit your home at least twice a year to ensure that everything is in working condition. 
Most of these tips are not complex to understand, but could indeed get complex to implement. This is why we have Octopus. Our experts will implement these electrical tips in a flash, giving you an extra dose of productivity.  For any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on 800 3993. Our representative will be in touch with you.

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