6 Dirty AC Duct Signs That You Should Not Ignore

If you find yourself confronted with an AC problem, dealing with it on your own can be tricky. The reason is that, when smells start emanating from your air conditioner, or you hear weird sounds in your ducts, it’s usually indicative of an underlying and often more complex problem. Many times, people tend to ignore the importance of clean AC ducts. If you’re facing any of the signs mentioned below, you might want to consider arranging a duct cleaning service.

Dust on start-up

A clear sign of dirty air ducts is the presence of a small puff of dust on switching the AC system. Visible dust clearly signifies dusty air registers. Call our technicians to check your AC Duct for you.

Regularly clogged air-filters

If you have to swap out filters in your cooling system continuously, this indicates a deeper problem. Just had your filters replaced? Regularly clogging AC filters could indicate dirt in the AC Ducts.

Unpleasant odor

If you experience an unpleasant smell in your home and can’t find the source, it could be emanating from the air duct system. Mold settlements in the AC Duct systems cause homes to smell musty. You can have an Octopus technician inspect your air ducts.

Dust settling quickly

Nobody likes cleaning over and over again. Do you continuously find dust and dirt in your home even after cleaning? This would mean that a significant amount of dust is coming out of your HVAC.

Wooden Floor Dust Removal

Poor air quality

If you’ve got an AC system equipped in your house, you might assume that you need not worry about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The IAQ of a household can be affected by various factors. However, unmaintained AC and dirty AC ducts are typically at the top of that list. If you’re concerned about your home’s IAQ because of your children, family, and/or pets; we recommend a duct cleaning every year. If not, we recommend to definitely have one scheduled every 2 years at the least.

When was the last duct cleaning scheduled?

If you live in an old building or townhouse in Dubai, with no recollection of when the air duct was last cleaned, we recommend hiring a technician to inspect and clean the air duct. The systems may not show any signs that it requires cleaning but definitely has accumulated dust over the period it has been in use. If you’re noticing any of these signs, schedule an AC Duct cleaning with Octopus by clicking here.

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