7 Things To Know Before Designing A Swimming Pool In Dubai

Things to know before designing a swimming pool in Dubai

As Dubai is a city of sweltering heat, one major reprieve is taking a dip inside a swimming pool. A nice swim can help melt away the day’s heat. But where do you find swimming pools in Dubai? Communities and buildings offer common pool areas for children and adults alike. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, a staycation is the perfect time to make use of a hotel pool. Fitness clubs also offer large swimming pools.

Others might want to have a pool in their backyard, as it’s the perfect recreation place for the whole family. After a long day at work, nothing feels better than unwinding by the pool or floating on its sparkling waters. Of course, having your own pool doesn’t restrict you from using it for a late-night swim. 

Most importantly, a personal pool gives you privacy and is hygienic. In today’s era where everyone must be cautious about infections, your pool keeps you safe and secure. 

So, prior to making your decision here are things to know before designing a swimming pool in Dubai. We highly recommend working together with an expert on this mammoth task.

Here are the things to know before designing a swimming pool in Dubai.

Should it be permanent or temporary? 

In case your budget isn’t expensive but you still want to install a pool as soon as possible in your backyard, then maybe a temporary pool would be a better choice. Such pools are pre-made and come above the ground. They also come with a nifty kit and an expert can install these at any time. 

Another type of pool is the permanent kind, wherein a professional company constructs a foundation first and then creates the pool. In a warm-temperature climate such as Dubai, the in-ground pool would be the better pick, however, it all depends on your budget restrictions and total space.

What’s the purpose of this pool? 

Why do you need this pool? Is it for fitness or swimming laps, or simply to use once in a while? 

For example, if the main purpose is fitness then practicality would be more important than aesthetics. However, if you need to use the pool to simply unwind or host parties, then aesthetics would be the most important. You might also want a pool that brings all these elements together. 

List down why you want this pool and make sure to check all boxes. Work or play? Occasional use or regular dips? Then, have a call with an expert to see which type of pool they would suggest before making your final decision. 

The shape of the pool

Your pool’s shape and size should be according to what you need. This is where your list comes in handy! If most things are about fitness, then a fairly simple, rectangular pool would do the trick. However, if chilling and parties are part of the bargain, then perhaps a more abstract pool would make more sense. 

The size would also need to fit into this criteria. Fitness enthusiasts would need larger pools with more space to swim. But a pool for relaxation need not be so big, and can easily be accommodated in smaller backyards. You can let your creative flow while discussing your design requirements. Many homeowners prefer constructing pools with a natural touch and adding extra elements such as waterfalls, waterbeds, and more!

The type of pool

Dubai has several types of swimming pools to choose from. They are:

  • Infinity pools, present at several hotels. In such pools the water overflows onto the platform, bringing an infinite effect. You’d often see these at the top of a tower, extending onto a gorgeous view. It’s stylish and classy! 
  • Another type is the natural-looking pool which crafts a surreal, tropical atmosphere, complemented by artificial rocks and waterfalls. You should also keep in mind all the necessary landscaping that goes behind constructing such a pool. Including large architectural rocks and other features will add to your budget. 
  • Then come the skimmer pools, in which the water level is below the pool deck. This is the most common type of pool that you’d notice in fitness clubs and communities. 

Choose the type of pool you want for your dream backyard before starting a project.

Check all the other elements as well

While aesthetic pools are great and surely add a lot of worth to your property, you need to look at other elements too. When you sit down with your expert, make sure that he knows about various parts of the pool such as a hydraulic system, chemical management system, filters, and more. Make yourself aware of these parts through your own research so that you can keep up during the construction process.

While beautifying your pool is indeed important, there isn’t much point if doesn’t work properly. You might have the most natural-looking pool in the world, but if it doesn’t remain clean, no one will go inside.


One thing to keep in mind while installing a pool in Dubai is the maintenance costs. Dubai is a city infiltrated by sand, and you’ll need to clean your pool pretty often. Moreover, you would need to get your pool’s mechanical parts checked by a professional at least twice a year. 

If anything is untoward or not how it’s supposed to be, the professional can advise you on the best steps forward. Always make sure to check if the technician is a licensed expert and is trained to do the right job. Contacting a specialised pool maintenance company is a better option than an individual contractor. You could also make pool maintenance a part of your annual contract.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of a maintenance company and contract before getting down to installing your pool. 

Compare then select

While deciding on the perfect swimming pool to install in your backyard make sure to take more than one quotation. We suggest taking at least five from different suppliers. Don’t always fall for the lowest quote, but go for quality instead. Double-check on everything they offer, right from installation to landscaping before making your decision. Ask to be shown their previous work in person and get reviews from people they have worked with before.

You want it, you got it!

Now that you’ve installed your dream pool, you need to contact an expert company in Dubai that will make sure all maintenance is in order at your home. Octopus has the best experts for the job!

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