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9 Reasons You Should Get an AC Service

Deep in the heart of Dubai residents lies an affection for air conditioners unrivaled by any other country on earth. We step out of our air-conditioned homes to get into our air-conditioned cars and drive to our air-conditioned office spaces. From there some of us drive to another location to meet our friends or get groceries that are, no surprise, air-conditioned. And then, once again, we return to our air-conditioned homes.

So without a shadow of a doubt, this sizzling city loves and needs its AC. But how do we show our hard-working appliance our appreciation? We have a suggestion. How about showing it some… care?

Caring for our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit – affectionately known as the AC- is all about regularity and maintenance. Just like a car or a home, our investments in electrical appliances also need to be frequently supervised and managed. 

While you can manage checks at home every now and again on your own, it requires a trained and certified professional to pinpoint with accuracy the small problems that could indicate that larger ones are on their way. 

What is AC service, really?

Not everyone is familiar with what AC service entails. An annual package with a home maintenance company’s trained AC technician entitles you to multiple inspections, repairs, and coil and duct cleaning services throughout the course of the year. The region’s arid climate and harsh environment causes constant wear and tear on air conditioning units. Regular visits by professionals year-round would include concepts like:

Overall inspection and Immediate Repairs

This one doesn’t need much explanation. A talented professional will visit and give your AC a good service check. That includes taking a look at your internal and external unit and checking the coils and the ducts. Trained to catch even the tiniest of flaws, they will preempt upcoming issues by conducting minor repairs on the spot. While extensive service that involve replacements or a lot of work require an appointment, something as minor as adjusting a misplaced part can be handled immediately. 

Checking for leaks

Leaky ACs can be frustrating to deal with, especially when you’re forced to invest in buckets to deal with the issue or sacrifice a pot to the cause. But the damage it can deal doesn’t stop at minor annoyance and could go on to leave stains on your walls, floors, or furniture due to the water that’s released. Leakages in air conditioning units occur due to the collection of humidity inside the device. 

Calibrate Thermostat

Your AC’s thermostat is the only way to adjust the temperature of the sir that is released into your home and if damaged, will be dealt with at a scheduled visit by a professional technician, who has the right tools to deal with it, including a special thermometer.

Wear and tear checks

Your AC unit has some parts that have a tendency to move, in accordance with its function. A trained professional can check for wear and tear appropriately. This periodic inspection is especially important for air conditioners that are a little older than others to stay in good condition. 

Blower Belt and Motor Check

These are two components of the AC that your technician is bound to pay special attention to. The blower belt and motor are vital parts of your air conditioning unit, being one of the main areas for power and cooling. They may even give you tips on wear and tear prevention on these- listen with care.


It’s near impossible to list out the basic things that technicians handle on your behalf during the scheduled maintenance checks and not to mention cleaning. An absolutely vital part of AC service, we strongly recommend that you check out a blog post on how to clean your AC in between checks.

With an annual contract in place, you can relax and rest easy knowing that your family’s health is well cared for and that you’ll be saving on those DEWA bills in the future. 

So now that we’ve looked at what technicians do on scheduled checks, let’s take a look at why it’s important that your AC be serviced regularly.

Your AC lasts longer

We know you’ve probably pieced this together already, but it bears repairing. Annual contracts help your AC last longer. Why? For two reasons. One is the tips and tricks that your technicians share with you on maintenance, and because they conduct on-the-spot repairs. The second reason is simply that they’re always there, coming in to ensure that your AC doesn’t get derailed by a molehill to mountain situation. The result is that your well-preserved AC is a unit that ages with grace and dignity.

No Unpleasant Surprises

A self-explanatory point; you’re saved from coming home on a hot, sweaty day and discovering that your beloved AC has departed to a better world. Legend has it that as you sign an annual maintenance contract, you can see the ghosts of future frustrating phone calls- that you would have otherwise made – wave goodbye, never to be. As an added bonus, your technicians will be familiar with your unit, saving you the time and trouble of having to explain in detail.

Reduced fire risks and Pro-Environment

It goes without saying that reducing the fire risks of your electrical device through routine care is better for the environment. However, we also mean that a struggling air conditioner is forced to work twice as hard to perform the same task and ends up gulping more electricity than usual. This is something you want to keep in mind when you’re paying your DEWA bills. A little investment in AC maintenance goes a long way in preventing big bills today and tomorrow.

Better air quality 

Dubai is a sandy city. Sandy, generally. But after a single sandstorm? Dusty, more like. And while your AC does its best, it does rely on taking in the air around it and expelling it back out. So does dust get in? Absolutely. Does it also come back out and get into your lungs and throat? Also yes. 

The air that an unclean unit expels contains particles from its coils and ducts. So the most important reason to keep your HVAC unit clean is to breathe better air at home and keep your lungs clean and your body healthy.

Did you get your answer to: The Importance of an AC Service?

If yes, then we’re glad! We cannot stress enough how important it is and hopefully, the reasons stated in this article encourage you to call in experts like Octopus and sign an annual AC maintenance contract. Our professionals are all well-trained and licensed.

For more information or to enquire about our annual contracts, get in touch with Octopus. Call our toll-free number, 800 3993.

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