Advantages Of Preventative AC Maintenance

Preventative AC Maintenance is the key to cost-saving.

Akin to getting your car inspected annually, you need to ensure that your AC is in top working order. An AC has several moving parts. It’s pivotal for a technician to check each and every one and replace if necessary. If you’re living in Dubai, you know it’s impossible to go even a day without an AC. Put your best foot forward and engage an AC expert to handle the job for you before it’s too late. 

Experts such as those at Octopus enter into annual maintenance contracts, which include AC maintenance as well. This gives you the leverage of having a properly maintained AC and replacing any parts at least twice a year. As our inspections include plumbing, electrical issues, and repainting too, you’ll have a wonderfully functioning house throughout the year. Think of a preventative maintenance expert as a doctor. You would get health advice from a doctor to ensure that your body is in optimum working order. Similarly, you would get an AC maintenance person over to prevent anything untoward from happening to your AC.

So why exactly should you opt for preventative AC maintenance?

It’s in human nature to delay and postpone. But, you have to make sure that you don’t do that for your AC. Unless you want to spend your summer months stuck in sweltering heat and endless humidity. So many times we don’t go to the doctor for coughs or small colds. Even if our car is broken down or not working properly, we keep postponing this until we have to go. However, what ends up happening with your AC is that problems mount up one after another until they’re impossible to solve. In such situations, you might need to replace your AC system altogether or it could even take days to repair.  

Here are some more reasons.

Saving on repair costs

With preventative maintenance scheduled at least twice a year, you have the option of keeping repair costs at bay. When your technicians come in, they can check the signs of a potential issue or breakdown. They can also take care of the problem before it blows up. Leaving the problem as is will make the situation far worse than it already is causing you to pay a lot more. When you do engage with a professional, however, ensure that they are of the highest calibre.

Save up on electrical bills

As your AC system breaks down regularly and is bogged down by several issues. The total cooling output reduces and your DEWA bills also increase. Signing an annual maintenance contract may seem that your overall costs might be higher. In reality though, that’s not the case. As longer-term higher electricity bills are much more inexpensive. Always keep this in mind and don’t refuse an annual maintenance contract for the simple sake of cost-cutting. It’s almost like avoiding a health insurance for cost cutting and then spending 80% more than what you usually would.

Make the most of your AC

The most vital benefit of having a proper functioning AC is that its lifespan increases by a lot. AC experts can identify underlying issues and repair them or tell you how to take care of your system. Replacing your system from scratch is an incredibly expensive affair, and so is replacing parts that are worn out. Along with repairs, your AC maintenance crew can also clean vents, change filters, leading to better overall air quality.

How does preventative AC maintenance work?

  • Once you partner with experts such as Octopus you don’t have to worry! We understand your needs and your home completely before setting out on an AC maintenance job. 
  • Each of our expert AC maintenance professionals are completely licensed, trained and insured, and have all the capabilities to finish everything to the best of their abilities. They manage everything efficiently and effectively. 
  • Your AC maintenance crew will also pay attention to cleanliness. Lots of air conditioner issues occur due to the presence of dust, debris, gunk, and more. These things build up as time passes, and as a result, there are many health problems at home. Once the AC work is done, you will see that the air is far cooler and purer. 
  • Through AC maintenance, your expert can check which parts of the AC are fine and which need more attention. This is done through tests for calibrations, right from thermostats to lubricating parts. Also, our experts replace any parts that need to be replaced. 
  • As you can see, it’s very similar to how a doctor takes a look at a patient. They first understand all the symptoms then come up with an actionable maintenance plan for your home. It’s the best way to ensure that your AC is in top working form and that you don’t have to spend extra amounts on replacements. 

How to choose your expert from preventative AC maintenance

  • Ask your friends, family, and neighbors. If they have already entered into a contract with a professional it might be worth asking them. 
  • Make sure that they are licensed and insured against untoward events. In cases where they aren’t insured, you might have to foot the bill or the cost of accidents.
  • Call and check with them yourself. Ask them questions about their experience and the type of work they have done. Also find out which areas or buildings they’re the most familiar with, as different areas or communities might have a different type of HVAC system. 
  • Ask them to come to your house for a site visit to properly assess the problem. After they have checked everything with an expert’s touch, request for a quote.

Preventative AC Maintenance is easy, you just need to pick up the phone!

Experts at Octopus have top-notch qualifications, experience, and are completely licensed. From replacing parts to AC system health checks, we ensure that your AC remains cool throughout the year. As mentioned, cleaning is a vital part as well, and we ensure that all your parts and ducts remain clean.

If you would like to enter into an annual maintenance contract which also includes preventative AC maintenance, then please get in touch with us. You can call us on our toll-free number 800 3993 and our representative will speak to you. Apart from AC maintenance, we also handle plumbing, electrical issues, and repainting.

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