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Affordable Home Improvements for Every Owner

Are you looking for home improvements but don’t have thousands to splurge? Well, you’re in the right place. If you’ve done DIY before, you should already know that it’s a great way to save up on extra cash and also get the look you want. 

Thankfully, we have just the ideas you need to get started. Find our array of suggestions that are within 3,000AED or even under. These tips are great for the wallet and also last for the long term. Here are our affordable home improvement hacks.

1. Paint 

Bring your walls back to life by picking out the right paint and trying your hand at painting, or calling in a professional. Paint adds a touch of newness to any space and can also be applied fairly well if you know the techniques. 

2. Crown molding

Crown molding is an important part of remodeling, bringing an effortless sense of charm to any home. With the right tools, you can ensure that your room is transformed in a weekend without even spending much.

3. Stair runner

A stair runner is a lovely transformation idea and makes sure that your stairs remain anti-slip. Instead of investing in a custom runner for thousands of AED, opt for woven runners from the department store. Join as many as you need to cover the length of your stairs.

4. Dishwasher

Switch to a new dishwasher to not only improve the aesthetic value of your kitchen but also conserve energy. Get one with the latest Energy Star rating and make sure to always load them at a full load.

5. Stock up on lanterns 

Want a grand yet inexpensive way to dress up your entrance? A vintage lantern might do the trick. There are many lantern types that you can find at your local department store, furniture store, garage sales, and more. Place lanterns across your entryway and let the shadows create motifs of their own.

6. Painting floors

Instead of ripping your entire finish and placing it in a new one, the easier and cheaper option is to paint the floor with the color you have in mind. Coat paint combined with the right painting trick can truly elevate the style quotient of any bedroom, and it’s a hack you need to follow.

7. Shutters

It’s not fun to have sunlight all the time in your house, especially in Dubai where the sun is especially strong. The good news is that you can use an easy remedy, such as swinging shutters, to keep your place cool. Much cheaper than curtains, they are very easy to install, keep away heat, and can also be taken out whenever you want to.

8. Flawless cabinets 

Do you feel claustrophobic in your kitchen? It could be because your cabinets are super dark. If you want a brighter transformation, you don’t have to destroy everything and start from scratch. You could always paint your cabinets anew. Before that, try smoothening your finishing with sandpaper, clean it up, and grease the cabinet’s elbows. They will then be as good as new.

9. Re-do wooden doors

Wooden doors bring a lovely charm to any space, but they do tend to get rusty over time. Elements of varnish, wear-and-tear, and chipping edges make the whole look worse. However, without much effort, you can make these doors as good as new. Just touch it up again with new varnish, sandpaper out the raw edges, and paint if necessary. 

10. Stair Brackets

Exposed sides of staircases need love and attention too. They can make great decorative areas, especially if you use stair brackets. They are easy to install and also affordable.

11. Lower-cost flooring in laundries or pantries

Vinyl tile is a great option for flooring in laundry rooms or pantries, where you don’t need super expensive tiles in the first place. You don’t even have to compromise on your look, as these vinyl tiles come in many textures, patterns, and hues. You can make a wide array of designs right from stripes to checkerboards. Moreover, these are self-adhesive.

12. Backsplash

A tile backsplash, made from a solid surface in one sheet, is a useful, cost-effective solution, and can be done on a weekend. It’s a great defense against splashes and random splatters, keeping your floors as pristine as possible.

13. Bathroom vent fan

Most homes should have this already, but if you don’t, it’s pivotal to install a vent fan. This prevents mirrors from steaming, removes stale odors, and also keeps humidity problems at bay. It’s a very affordable way to improve your home and is also easy to install.

15. Ceiling fans 

To save costs on your electricity during the summer and also Dubai winters, try putting on ceiling fans. These are popular as they not only give you that much-needed sense of coolness but also bring a decorative element to your interiors. They also keep the overall strain on your AC to a minimum, and are easy to install. 

Light fixtures

Lights in your room can immediately transform its look, and without much effort too. Instead of going for ultra-high-end fixtures, opt for the cheaper, yet stylish, ones. For example, oversized bulbs have been all the rage in recent times, and they aren’t even expensive to acquire. Abstractly place them across your room, and bring an undeniable artistic touch in no time. 

Get into an annual maintenance contract

Home improvement isn’t complete without proper maintenance, and you should enter into an annual maintenance contract with experts such as Octopus. Even if you do the necessary DIY, it isn’t enough if you don’t consider the proper upkeep. In Octopus, our handymen do a wide array of maintenance right from plumbing, to improving electrical issues, repairing your air conditioner, and also repainting. 

When looking for a professional company, always make sure that the employees are licensed and insured, and have experience in what you’re looking for. 

Affordable home improvement hacks just for you!

We hope you can implement these affordable home improvement hacks with ease and bring in a new look to your home, according to your vision. Remember, before embarking on this project, it’s important to set a mood board for your room or home, and keep everything uniform. Once you have a plan, sourcing the items for each area will become easier. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to experts at Octopus. Call 800 3993 and our representative will stay in touch with you.

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