Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Your go-to home maintenance checklist for Dubai

Home maintenance woes plague even the finest home organizer. There are just so many things to do, all to ensure that your home stays in top shape. A loose wire that hasn’t been fixed for a while. Or a tap that’s been constantly dripping for the past few months! We all get so absorbed in our daily lives that we don’t bother taking a step back to make a home maintenance checklist! Well, today we’re here to change that.

Everything works better with a list! When separated into different categories, the task of home maintenance won’t seem all that mammoth anymore. Keeping a list would help you with regular upkeep, assure that your home’s value stays current, and forecasts how much you need to budget for different areas.

Moreover, a generic checklist found on the web won’t suffice as most countries they are written for have four seasons. Dubai on the other hand is primarily hot, interspersed with pleasant winters. The scenario here is quite different. 

Look no further! Read this home maintenance checklist created by experts from Octopus for all the guidance you need in Dubai. 

Monthly home maintenance 

Here is a list of things you should check at least once a month!

  1. Your smoke detectors need to be tested. You do this by pressing the “test” button on your machine. In case there isn’t an alarm, your batteries are most likely dead and need to be replaced.
  2. Check your garbage disposal. You’re throwing trash through your disposal every day, therefore a lot of rotten items could be stuck to the surface. To remove this, try a standard cleaning item with anti-bacterial properties.
  3. Make sure that your home’s exhaust fans are working and are clean. 

Quarterly checks

Here’s what you need to check every 3 months!

  1. Battery replacements on detectors. Even if you checked your fire alarms and they’re working, it’s best to keep changing your batteries every 3 months. It sure beats getting a nasty surprise during unexpected events. 
  2. In case you have spare or guest bedrooms in the house, test your water in the bathroom and flush toilets to make sure that everything is okay. Check all corners and make sure there hasn’t been any build-up of bacteria or fungi.
  3. Maintain your AC air filter. You don’t want dust circulating around your house. Make sure to rinse the filter with soap, let it dry outside, and then place it back within your AC.

Twice a year tasks

Keep these things in mind biannually.

  1. Keep up with your gardening essentials. Are overgrown weeds threatening to take over your yard? It’s important to check on this at least twice a year. Make sure that you’re aware of everything unnecessary growing on your patio, walkways, balcony, and more. If you don’t keep this in check, it could damage your structural integrity.
  2. Your water heater does a great job of giving you lovely warm water during showers. But check for any signs of leak or damage to the exterior of the water heater. Put this on your checklist to elongate its functional capabilities.

Get these done annually

Your handy, yearly checklist!

  1. Check for leaks around the toilets and sinks. In case you’re unsure about water pressure call a professional handyman service to check and fix it. It’s an important part of your home maintenance checklist!
  2. Your fire extinguisher could save many lives, including yours! Do a test run and check if it’s working properly. 
  3. Clean your refrigerator. And by this, we mean the whole refrigerator, starting with the coils at the back to shelves used to store fruits and vegetables. You keep food in the fridge, and the last thing you want is for bacteria to grow in there.
  4. Check your walls, both interior and exterior. Check if they need touch ups or repairs and call in a professional to do this.
  5. Your kitchen hood filter needs to be cleaned out at least once a year. It collects grease, dirt, and many other particles and you need to stay on top of this. Moreover, unless it is maintained properly, it could also stop working.
  6. Check for cracks around your doors and windows. Not only will this prevent cool air from the AC escaping during the summer, but it will also keep dust at bay. With dust allergies being so common in the region, it’s important for you to stay aware. 
  7. Keep tabs on your lighting, both outdoor and indoor. If any bulbs have fused make it a point to replace them. Energy-saving bulbs are a great option. Also, clean these fixtures regularly. 
  8. It’s not recommended to try and maintain your AC on your own, especially if you have central air conditioning. We suggest getting into an annual maintenance contract that takes care of all air conditioner cleaning and filter needs.
  9. Give your showerheads a good scrub to prevent the formation of rust and to maintain strong water pressure.
  10. Drains in the kitchen and bathroom are often filled with items such as hair, food spoils, and more. Keep checking them!
  11. Ensure that there aren’t any loose wires. Loose electrical wires could cause shocks and can be extremely dangerous. Reach out to a handyman to take a look!

And that’s your home maintenance checklist! 

We know it might seem like a lot at first, but the more you look into it, the simpler it seems. All we ask of you is to stay disciplined and stick to the plan! Leave the rest to Octopus. With our professional maintenance services, we keep your home in great shape throughout the year! Reach out to us on our toll-free number, 800 3993.

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