Why you should get your AC Services in Dubai

AC Services in Dubai are hectic. We know! Especially when you have a breakdown during the summer.

Benefits of Servicing Your Air Conditioner

A clean AC: If the air filter is dirty, it will not be able to work efficiently and may end up damaging the AC. However, cleaning the filter every 3 months will keep the AC working at optimal levels. – Safer AC: If the AC unit has excess pressure, it may just unnecessarily blow off and harm you. Proper servicing will ensure that the pressure is within the range. – Save energy: An inefficient AC unit will consume more electricity, which ends up increasing your DEWA bill. You can save up to 30% of your electricity bill by regular servicing.

Reasons Why AC Servicing is Important

Keep your AC in optimum condition: One of the major causes of a breakdown in an AC unit is due to poor maintenance. If the filter is not cleaned or the gas is not monitored, it can reduce the lifespan of the AC unit.

Protects your health: A dirty filter can allow bacteria to grow inside the AC. This can cause allergies or infections. Hence, regular servicing will ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Improves efficiency: An inefficient AC unit will end up consuming more power. By servicing the AC regularly, you can improve the efficiency by 30%. This will help you reduce your electricity bill.

Advantages of Regular AC Services

  • Reduces wear and tear: If the parts of the AC are not lubricated properly, it can lead to reduction in the lifespan of the AC unit. Regularly servicing the AC unit will ensure that it lasts for a longer period.
  • Reduces repair cost: If you have a breakdown in the AC during the peak season, it can result in a hefty repair cost. Servicing the AC unit regularly will ensure that it lasts longer. This will reduce the repair cost.
  • Helps in detecting issues early: If you have an AC unit that is working inefficiently, it can cause harm to the internal parts. Regular servicing will help you detect any issues early and will also help you to choose the right AC unit.

Tips to Ensure Proper AC Services

  • Clean the air filter: The first thing that you should do while maintaining your AC unit is clean the air filter.
  • Clean the condenser coils: The condenser coils collect a lot of dirt due to the air traveling through them. Hence, you should clean it regularly to maintain the performance of the AC.
  • Clean the drip pan: The drip pan collects water and acts as a drain for the AC. You should clean it regularly to avoid mold formation.
  • Clean the outdoor unit: The outdoor unit of the AC collects dust and grime due to the outdoor environment. Hence, you should clean it regularly.
  • Schedule annual maintenance: You should also plan annual maintenance, which will help you in maintaining the AC unit. If you don’t have an Annual Maintenance Contract, consider getting one here.


It is important to maintain your AC properly. You can extend the lifespan of your AC by cleaning the filters, cleaning the outdoor unit, and gas top-up. You can also hire Octopus for any Dubai AC Services to maintain your AC unit. So, now that you know all about servicing your AC unit, don’t forget to schedule an appointment here. Besides, with the hot weather setting in, it’s the perfect time to schedule your AC services. And remember, keeping your AC unit well-maintained will help you avoid a breakdown, which can be very inconvenient during the hotter months.

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