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Cool Home Tips For Summer

Stay cool, calm, and collected during summer!

Summertime in Dubai features extreme heat and the whole population heavily relies on air conditioning. Sometimes, your air conditioner might do too much work and knock out. It’s not advisable to keep your AC on 24/7 and put it under stress. The solution? Keeping your home as cool as possible. 

There are several ways to keep your house, surroundings, and yourself cool. It also isn’t healthy to keep your AC on all the time due to allergens floating around. Follow these cool home tips for the summer and keep your AC in perfect working condition.

Close your blinds and curtains

A third of the heat that makes its way into your home comes from windows. If you haven’t covered your windows yet, please do so, and if you have curtains or blinds, close them in the afternoon and open them in the evening. This will reduce the overall temperature of your home and also cut down on DEWA bills. 

Keep rooms you don’t use often, closed

If you’re sitting in the living room and have switched the AC on, close the doors of all surrounding rooms. This will stop cold air from entering each room, keeping it concentrated in one area. Also, if you have vents in these rooms, turn them off and only use your primary AC unit. Such small cool summer tips can help you save on electricity bills. 

Use a fan and bowl of ice

If you don’t want your AC to do overtime, all you need to do is put a bowl of ice in front of a fan. While the idea sounds preposterous, it works! The air flowing from the fan turns cool, and you get a great blast of icy cold wind. You don’t have to keep using your air-conditioner too. 

Air out the heat from your house 

With the help of your bathroom, stove, and laundry room vents, try to get hot and humid air away from your house. Such vents are super useful because they take in the hot air and expel it outside. Not only does it make your house cooler, but it also helps save on electricity bills when you don’t use your AC as often.

Plan your home exteriors

Trees don’t just sprout in a week. However, if you plan your house properly, you can get natural shade from the blistering sun. You’ll also add a wonderful touch of greenery to your home environment. If you have a backyard, we highly suggest planting a tree. It’s said to keep nearly three-quarters of solar radiation away from your home. Also, place them near windows that are the most susceptible to afternoon sun. 

Try to avoid indoor cooking

Cooking indoors, if not vented properly, can overheat your house, especially during peak summer. Perhaps you could look into cooking outside on your grill. We suggest putting the grill in an area always surrounded by shade so that you don’t feel too uncomfortable. Moreover, your grill and outdoor furniture won’t gather dust.

General home improvements 

Certain long-term home improvements can go a long way. If you upgrade specific elements of your house, you can reduce the need for an AC conditioner and save on your electricity bills. If you can’t do these upgrades on your own, it’s best to call in a technician to do the job for you. 

For example, you can install more energy-friendly windows and doors to keep cool air inside the house. You can seal gaps in the doors and windows in case buying new replacements is well out of your budget. Draught excluders are a great option to ensure that cold air stays inside.

Another great tip is using foam insulation that forms an air barrier across the room. An air seal ensures that trapped air doesn’t go outside, letting you switch off your AC for moments at a time. It will keep a cozy room temperature at home.

Check your lightbulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are a big culprit and contributor to extreme heat at home. A lesser-known cool home tip for summer, they are phased out but homes still use them to this day. Energy-saving bulbs are far better because they keep your home cool and save electricity costs.

Regular AC maintenance

The worst nightmare of any UAE resident is having your AC completely stop working in the middle of summer. You won’t be able to cool your house even a little, rendering you completely exhausted. It’s also not good for your health to stay in the heat for too long. Therefore, it’s pivotal to ensure that your AC gets regular maintenance by experts. 

When you search for an AC maintenance company, check if they do other repairs as well, and include AC as a part of your annual maintenance contract. Each professional that comes to your house should be licensed and insured against unexpected events. The great part about having an AC technician come and look at your AC is that they could catch problems before they occur, clean out your AC ducts, and also repair any minor issues on the spot. 

You also don’t have to call an AC technician every time something goes wrong, saving you valuable time. 

Personal tips for feeling cooler

-Changing your bedsheets really helps you keep cool. Flannel or polyester sheets might be good for winter but wouldn’t work in the summer. It’s better to place cotton sheets instead. Not only does it breathe easier but also brings the right touch of coolness. Also, switch up your blanket from a thicker to a lighter one. 

-Afternoon times are the worst, and it’s better to stay inside, but when it cools down in the evening, maybe you could open your windows and balconies and let a warm breeze come in. Don’t forget to close everything before sleeping.

-Have cool drinks or dip a damp cloth inside cold water and place it on your neck. Cold showers help keep your body cool too. 

-Opt for cotton, linen garments indoors. They are light and breathable, keeping you cool. 

Did you like our cool home tips for summer?

We know the last thing you want is to stay inside a hot and stuffy house during summer. But at the same time, it’s important to consider your mounting air conditioning and electricity bills as well. Overusing your AC could put too much stress on its parts, and it might break down as a result. 

The best way forward is to follow our cool home tips for summer and also let Octopus check your AC at least twice a year. We’re always here for you, no matter what the season. For more information, please call our toll-free number, 800 3993. 

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