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The Difference Between Snagging and Maintenance Services

Ever wondered how snagging differs from proper maintenance? Dubai, being the fast-growing metropolis that it is, finds itself dominated by a handful of major MNC level construction players that undertake and deliver huge, rapidly built properties symbolized by compounds and communities. 

If you’re considering purchasing/leasing a property, ensure that it is well constructed and cared for. Even if you’re thinking of putting your hard-earned money into a brand new property, take into account that every mass-produced home simply won’t receive the same care and attention to detail as the others in the same project.


To deal with a crisis in the quality of new-build homes. It’s impossible for all communities built to have their properties meet the quality standard. That’s where snagging comes in. A commonly used service pre-purchase involves an inspection by a certified agency. This is a step undertaken before you finalize your purchase. It helps catch small mistakes in construction and poor workmanship that would go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

The best time to get the snagging survey done, is before finalizing the property deal. Before you hand over your cheques. Like with any sale, this maximizes your leverage and goes a long way in ensuring that your new home is perfect, as it should be.

The snagging inspector then provides a detailed summary of issues backed by professional information that you can share with your property seller, alongside the directive to repair them. It is then your responsibility to ensure that the repairs have been accurately performed.

A key point it would do well to bear in mind while selecting a snagging company is to ensure that there isn’t a conflict of interest. Your snagging service shouldn’t come recommended by your builder or closely affiliated with them on a professional level. Your snagging inspector should be motivated solely by the condition and quality of your future home, and not influenced by your developer. 

Maintenance Company

As the name suggests, a maintenance agency deals primarily with maintaining the quality of your home and its fittings. As many of us have experienced by living in a Dubai apartment, the maintenance firm’s close ties with our home developers work in our favor. We can expect accountability from the builders for the standard of service and performance we experience at the hands of our professional handymen.

However, it’s worth noting that not all developers select the ideal maintenance companies for us. We may have requirements that are beyond their skill set, or that exceed the average gratis service expectation as a resident. In such cases, and for specific technical needs, it is definitely worth engaging the services of a professional home maintenance and care service company. 

What’s more, like any good vehicle, a home is also an investment that needs to be protected and cared for with regular tune-ups and work. Professionally trained experts tend to deliver specialized care, with a few tasks in Dubai being popularly catered to. Some companies also offer monthly or annual packages that offer a dedicated round-up of commonly required maintenance work. 


Quality home maintenance services offer competitive moving, installation, and paint jobs done by qualified professionals in their packages. So kick back and relax as they install your shelves, flat pack furniture, light fittings, and artwork. While pouring yourself a cool drink, you could schedule a talented expert to transform your space by painting your whole house, or even just one intensive feature wall. 

Electrical Servicing

Sadly, out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind, when it comes to electrical wiring and management. And to make matters worse, that attitude means that we rarely spot a problem with our electricals until a serious, expensive problem manifests itself. Home maintenance companies are a workaround that many far-seeing residents choose to avert a ‘no functional electrical unit’ crisis. Annual subscriptions generally include routine checks to prevent, diagnose, and fix any electrical issues in your household. Save money in the long run by investing in your home’s upkeep today. 

Plumbing Service

While all of us have had moments that ended in us thanking the gods of plumbing, we still don’t realize the importance of functional water pipes in our everyday lives.  

Professional plumbers handle a range of issues regularly, beyond the scope of simply unclogging a drain. And home service companies perform services such as regular pipe and system checks to curtail minor issues before they can brew into a big one. Most tend to have annual contracts that include in-depth checks, apart from offering 24/7 assistance that handles everything from broken fixtures to faulty water pumps/systems. An ideal resident keeps a few basic signs of plumbing system failures in mind for immediate services. These include sudden drops in water pressure and water leaks from the ceiling and wall. Home service companies also offer professional plumbing support for faulty fixtures, the natural enemy of a good bathroom experience. It is worth investing in an annual package to enjoy the experience of an unblocked water supply year-round.

AC Services

Typical AC maintenance packages tend to include detailed and comprehensive checks and repairs. This works as a preventative measure to prevent the total breakdown of your air conditioning units. It also includes routine maintenance and scheduled servicing, conducted every four months. This routine inspection of mechanical and electrical parts of your AC works as a stopper against a full-blown breakdown. Added to this are deep cleaning and in-depth checks of your system’s coils, which tends to get blocked due to the accumulation of dust and debris over the months. These regular examinations help reduce the strain on your air conditioning unit, preventing your DEWA bills from rising. How? Because an overused AC is an expensive one. 

Duct Cleaning 

Needless to say, a poorly maintained duct can cause respiratory diseases across the spectrum; ranging from coughs, colds, and the perennial flu. The ideal solution is clear out the dust, debris, sand, mold, and dead insects that accumulate.

Water Tank Cleaning

Not only is annual water tank cleaning mandatory. Thanks to the Dubai Municipality‘s foresight, but it’s also strongly recommended by industry professionals across the board. Bad water can lead to diseases among you and your precious family. An uncleaned water tank is the ideal breeding ground for microorganisms that can cause water-borne diseases. Say goodbye to gastroenteritis and skin, ear, and eye diseases by ensuring that a home maintenance service agency handles them. Most likely, their fully trained technicians follow Dubai Municipality guidelines and use only approved method statements and chemicals. This makes them the safest, smartest option for your health.

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We just want to make sure that you are informed on both aspects so that you make the best decision. An home is an investment for life, therefore you should make a purchase without any regrets. Our experts are always here to help in case you need further advice! 

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