Easy Ways to Save Money On Your Electricity Bills

Sustainable electrical solutions benefit the environment and help you save money on electrical bills.

Due to the pandemic and the unforeseen conjuncture it brought, we were forced to spend more time at home than usual. Making us susceptible to increase the use of our electrical utilities, exacerbating the the rate of our electricity bill at the end of the month. With light bulbs burning away most of the night, and frequent visits to our laundry room among other things, has caused our bills to spike up!

It may seem difficult, but luckily, we have composed a list to help you curtail electrical costs!

1) Dishwashers

Contrary to popular belief, dishwashers are a great way to save energy and help the environment doing while using them! Whilst they do use electricity, the collective wash of a full load prevents you from washing singular pieces at a time. Optimizing and scheduling every wash cycle can help you save money on electrical bills. 

2) Natural airflow and dry dishes

Instead of going for a heat-dry cycle setting in your dishwasher, opt for taking your dishes out, wiping them with a towel, and letting the rest air-dry. This particular system configuration will prolong the cycle and increase your electricity bill at the end of the month.

3) Fans

Before switching your AC on, try cooling the room with a ceiling fan instead. Giving natural airflow a little notch never hurt anyone. Plus, it’s a very inexpensive way to save money on electrical bills.

4) Smart bulbs

Smart LED bulbs use up to 75% less energy, are more durable, and quite frankly, they do light up the vicinity you’re in. This leads to long-term savings. Make sure to fit each room in your house with an LED bulb to save money on electrical bills.

5) Motion detectors 

We all get busy from time to time, walking from one room to the other and forgetting switch off the light is a common mistake. However, it is one you can avoid. Sensory triggered lights can aid you into saving more energy. It is a sustainable and effective way to save money on electrical bills.

6) Electrical stoves

Enjoy spending time in the kitchen perfecting your culinary skills? Here’s a hot tip:
Switch off the stove just before your recipe finishes cooking. The heat can take care of you dish with a slow burn that will cook your steak, chicken or salmon to perfection! All the while helping you save energy and money!

7) Heat smart

Speaking of cooking, you may also like to bake. Not every recipe requires the use of an oven, especially if you’re just seeking to reheat yesterday’s delicious leftovers. Pop it in the microwave or mini oven! They use less energy and can get the job done!

8) Dimming lights 

If you install a dimmer, it can reduce output and wattage significantly. Dimmer switches of certain kinds can also be controlled through an app. Pair this with smart LED lighting and you have the perfect formula to save money on electrical bills.

9) Smart plugs

A smart plug can easily be plugged into your wall and can be used to turn the electricity on and off in your electronics.

10) Electrical strip

The electrical strip is a great way to control total electrical output. When appliances are not in use, simply switch the strip off. The best part of it? You can even do this from an app you’re away.

11) Smart ACs

If you don’t own a smart air conditioner yet, it’s time to get your hands on one. These can be controlled by an app and can be switched off when you’re not at home. Apart from this perk, you can also cool your home before arriving from home and be welcomed by a fresh breeze. Saving money on electrical bills has never been this refreshing!

12) Keep your dryer clean

Clothes dryers use a lot of a home’s total electrical wattage. Some ways to make sure that you’re using them efficiently is by keeping them as clean as possible and ensuring you’re running full loads whenever your scheduled cycles are programmed.

13) Coldwater

We may dislike cold water, however, it is a great energy saver. A cold wash for your clothes can help you curtail wattage usage next time you do your laundry. Watch out, though! Make sure your apparel is cold wash friendly, otherwise your favorite shirt will be 3 sizes smaller next time you use it.

14) Give your laundry room a makeover

If you have decade-old appliances in your laundry room, consider switching them out for longer-term effects. Get smart, energy-efficient appliances, and reap the benefits in the long run.

15) Switch out your dryer 

Older dryers use far more electricity than the novel models. If you’re going to get a new washing machine, make sure to opt for a newer dryer too. You’ll save a lot more energy with it’s eco friendly configurations.

16) Shorter cycles

Make your washing load time shorter can come a long way. Try half-hour cycles and see how well they work for your clothes. Also, increases the tumble-drying time to reduce their moisture.

17) Dry your clothes outside

If possible, try to dry your clothes outside, as this saves a lot of electrical costs from a dyer. You can always install clotheslines in your balcony, or yard. 

18) Sustainable showerheads

There’s an array of equipment that aid you to save energy. However, one of the most accessible and useful ones are the sustainable showerheads. This tool reduce the gallons per minute consumed during showers, helping you save money on electrical bills. If you can’t find one in your nearest hardware store, you can always try to shorten your shower time.

19) Fix air ducts

Air ducts at your home can suck in a lot of electricity and can cause many problems in the long run. Any leaks in the air ducts can cost you more than 20 percent of your air conditioner’s efficiency. Provide frequent maintenance to your airducts to ensure their functionality and cleanliness in the long run.

20) Sustainable energy

While it’s indeed tough to install sustainable energy in your home, you can incorporate it in different ways. From solar power banks to energy panels that can help you power up your home and other gadgets, helping you save money on electrical bills.  

Try these and save money on electricity bills!

We hope these tips help you save up on your electricity bills! Even small changes at first can help, such as bringing in LED lights or smart plugs. Everything you do counts towards saving energy and improving things for the environment. 
If you have electrical issues, try to get them sorted as soon as possible, as these can contribute to electrical wastage. Experts at Octopus have the knowledge and tools to get your home back in shape. Contact us on 800 3993.

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