Everything You Need To Know About Home Maintenance

Home maintenance tips you never knew you needed.

A maintained home is a happy one. It’s the key to ensuring that your surroundings are safe and hygienic, while remaining organized and not letting breakdowns get in the way. So many health problems occur due to poor air quality including asthma, allergies, and infections. The last thing you need to worry about is a health hazard right at home. 

Other risks include electrical short circuits or fires, unnecessary floods, and AC breakdowns in the peak of summer. Homes which don’t have an annual home maintenance plan fall short terribly on the maintenance cycle.

Here are some things that you should always look out for when maintaining your home. 

Make note of things around your house 

By observing we mean keeping an open mind and learning the true intricacies about your house so that when an expert does come over, you’ll be able to guide them in the best way possible. Once you truly take a look at the issues cropping up in your house, you’ll know exactly what to look for and where.

One area that you should surely consider are your sliding doors, windows, balconies and more. Also, always keep a look out for erosion, on the masonry, foundation and tiles. Windows that bear the brunt of weather elements are also at risk. Unstable floors, or discolored walls near the toilet, kitchen or ceiling are areas to certainly watch out for. 

Keep a keen eye out for peeling paint as it could be because of a deeper issue, such as plumbing. Similarly, wall cracks in door and window corners also need looking after. 

Keep your senses wide open and make sure to spot even the tiniest changes in color, texture, and more. Bugs, ants, water pooling in a certain area, these are all warning signs. When you walk, does it seem more unsteady than usual? Or perhaps your flooring squeaks. All this could indicate something terrible wrong. Also, is your flooring damp or do you see mold coming out of your walls? Does the odor smell horrible and are the people at home having a tough time breathing? It’s time to check all these areas by calling in an expert. 

Reducing dust is a must 

Dust can truly reduce the air quality at home, causing major allergens and leading to disorders such as asthma. They also have chemicals that are brought forth as a result of items at home including lead. While you’re dusting, always try to use a wet cloth as this helps dissolve the dust particles and they won’t fly around your room. Make sure to always wash your rugs, or better yet, call in a cleaning company to do the job for you. 

Vacuum your floors

Ensure that all the floors are vacuumed at least twice a week. The most effective vacuums are those with a HEPA filter. It not only helps remove the dust and debris but also gets rid of fur, dirt, pet dander, other contaminants and more. Whenever you’re vacuuming, make sure that you move all furniture out of the way and clear the area of objects.

Another way to keep your rugs and floor clean is to remove your shoes, as it brings in any form of germs and dirt in your house. A professional cleaner can certainly help as well. They’ll make sure that your surroundings are clean and vacuumed as well. 

Ensuring that the exterior of your house is in a good shape

Many people tend to forget that the exterior of your house also forms an important element of overall house maintenance. Always make sure you look out for wear and tear and note down which areas need to be repaired. Ensuring that you keep damage in check around the windows and doors is also pivotal. Engage with a professional repainting company to fix any paint on the exteriors that has begun to peel or is on the verge of losing its gleam. 

Keep a note of all the windows and walls 

Walls and windows are two areas that are breeding grounds for health issues. They require regular inspection and maintenance. Make it a part of your annual maintenance contract. In order to prevent too much humidity from entering your house, make sure that your doors and windows are completely sealed. Ensure that you check if there are any termites or other pests in your house as well. The mesh wiring in your balcony should be in good shape to keep any form of pests out. 

Prevent moisture from seeping into your home

Moisture or humidity in your home can encourage an atmosphere of mold, causing a wide array of health issues. Humidity also attracts insects such as mosquitos, leading to an unhealthy atmosphere. An area to watch out for is your home’s plumbing systems. Try to engage a professional to take care of your plumbing system, especially any form of leaky faucets, pipes, and more. Also, using exhaust fans in the kitchens and bathrooms decrease the amount of humidity in the air. In case you don’t have appropriate exhaust fans, open your windows instead. 

Cleaning out your air filters

Air filters require regular changing and maintenance. If they are clogged or filled with dust, the same air will spread across your room and can also damage the system. In certain cases, this can also be a bad fire risk. While it might be easy to keep your air filters clean, it is always a better option to engage with a professional. They will know exactly which part goes where. In case there is no professional available at the time, you can simply remove the filter, brush and wash it, and place it back. Make sure that you clean this filter while you’re outside so that the dust doesn’t enter your house. 

Don’t let your AC breakdown

Living in Dubai means that you need to have a proper functioning AC at all times. Moreover, if they aren’t cleaned and dusted often, the particles will spread all over your house, leading to allergies. Not cleaning your vents regularly and irregular maintenance could lead to the complete breakdown of your AC. Your electricity bills will also increase if you don’t get your AC taken care of. Schedule maintenance at least twice a year by expert professionals for the best results. 

Electrical checks

It’s incredibly important to get electrical checks done often. Make sure that your wiring is correct and that you don’t have any open sockets or sources of power. If left unchecked these could cause hazards such as fire risks or short circuits. The last thing you want is for children to be running around in a home that has electrical risks around. Get it checked by an electrical technician, and ensure that emergency power outages are a part of your annual maintenance contract.

You’ve read our home maintenance tips

Now it’s time to implement them with the help of experts from Octopus. Our annual maintenance contracts include plumbing, electrical checks, repainting, and AC maintenance. Call 800 3993 for more information. 

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