Finding the Right AC Repair Contractor

Find the right contractor for AC repair.

The start of the year is the ideal time to look for an AC contractor. New or old, regardless of its usage time, an AC system needs regular maintenance. Let’s be real, you live in Dubai…do you really want a faulty AC during summer? Probably not, which is why it’s important to hire the right contract who knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to AC repair.

Finding one is simple. It all boils down to how much you use your AC, your location, referrals and contractor precedent. Make sure to hire a company rather than an individual. Their protocol and experience guarantees a reliable service. Here’s a quick tip on how to find them: Shortlist your options, research about their services and contact them for additional information. 

AC maintenance is more than just home inspections, filter cleaning and ensuring the fan is working. The dust build up in its filter can become a bacteria hub, transforming your AC from a source of clean and cool air, into a pathogenic hub. Finding the right person can instantly boost your environment and take cooling to the next level. 


Here are the factors you should look out for while looking for an AC maintenance company.


AC repair must be entrusted to a reliable contractor. The most expensive unit in your home deserves the best care it can get. Ensure the contractor is licensed with the required training to carry out these tasks. Check online to make sure that the company claims of regular training are true. With the technological revolution, is no surprise SMART AC’s have reached the market. It is equally important the maintenance company has the knowledge to repair these units as well.

Now let’s talk about another important factor: insurance. Ensure the contractor has insured his employees against work related accidents. Otherwise, the hospital bills will find their way to your desk. The contractor employees must use the right gear and be aware of safety protocol.

Experienced AC Repair contractors

It is also vital to note the experience of the hired maintenance company. Don’t be shy to ask about their previous jobs and types of units they’ve worked with. Experience doesn’t always mean efficiency. Rely more on their knowledge and recommendations from others, instead of the years they’ve been in the market.

Which leads us to our next hot tip. Google reviews. Pay close attention to what others say about their service. If they’re low rated or have attained a perfect 5 star review such as Octopus (subtle brag).

Home assessment

Enter a long-term contract with an AC repair company is an advantageous commitment. From performing thorough inspections in your home and determining the key components of your cooling system, to examining the R value of your insulation. A thorough AC repair involves these and other tasks, like calculating the square footage of your home, examining windows and door cracks affecting your house’s insulation. Equipped with a sagacious team and the right software, your AC repair company should knock it out of the park.

Prices are given after every evaluation, taking into account the service previously described. Elaborate a checklist and compare costs. Consider warranties and maintenance packages offered.


Online or personal references are the most crucial ways to find your AC repair contractor. Friends, family and neighbors are a great source to discover new ones! Give them a call to know about their past experiences with the companies they hires, plus, a quick catch up never hurt anybody. Ask about their punctuality, service quality and rapidness.

To verify service improvement, run a system during different inspections. This will provide a clear benchmark about their service. Forums can also aid you on verifying if the contractor is reputable.

Company branding matters. Professionals showing up in their uniforms with a logo on their company truck, displays professionalism and transmits security to the client.


Watch out for those AC repair offers! Often one click away. Usually, they’re compiled with other offers such as plumbing, electrical repairs or repainting. Expert companies, like us, have offers you can’t miss!  Of course, discounts should never be your core consideration. While it is an important factor, quality carries more importance.

Being efficient

Efficiency is an important factor to look after in your chosen maintenance company. The team’s quickness on identifying the problem, and how fast they resolve are great metrics to measure efficiency.


Price is surely not the main consideration, but it’s a very important point to note. Remember, low prices come at a high cost. This doesn’t mean you should go for high priced contractors either. Evaluate pricing after a thorough inspection and go for the most efficient maintenance provider with reasonable prices. This really sounds like someone we know…

So, now you know how to choose the right AC repair contractor. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to experts at Octopus on 800 3993. Our professional AC technicians are licensed and insured, and we make sure that your AC system stays in top form.

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