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How Much Should You Budget For Home Maintenance In Dubai?

Your guide to property maintenance costs in Dubai

Looking up the cost of buying a property in Dubai is common, but something very important to note is the property maintenance costs in Dubai. These costs occur yearly and accumulate over time, and you need to take these into account before buying your property. 

A house is similar to a living, breathing organism. Each part requires care and regular upkeep. Without this, it will not function properly. 

There are several types of maintenance costs that you would need to consider such as plumbing, air conditioner servicing, painting, electrical care, proper cleaning, and more. Moreover, depending on what you require and the size of your property, costs can vary a lot.   

Maintenance Contracts

Sometimes, the building itself will include maintenance contracts along with the property price. For example, they might charge for maintenance per square meter or fixed fees at the end of the year. These contracts cover everything from solving electrical issues to AC cleaning and individual repairs won’t mount one after another. 

If you hire individual contractors for every job, there are several disadvantages. For one, your overall costs will increase manifold, leaving no extra room for other enhancements you’d want to make to your home. Contractors who work on your house once or twice wouldn’t be completely aware of everything that needs to be repaired. Sometimes, they don’t even have a valid license or insurance to professionally conduct the job.

Annual maintenance contracts give you the assurance of emergency maintenance services and also ensure that your house stays sparkling with window and door cleaning. You’ll also stay relaxed and don’t have to keep calling or coordinating with different contractors for the work to get done. 

The cost of such a contract varies between AED 1500 to AED 6000 per year based on what is covered.


From faucets that leak to chipped walls, your property can face issues at any time. For example, your air conditioner might konk out, rendering your property defenseless against the sweltering heat! Or your electricity might switch off unexpectedly, leaving you without your precious daily dose of WiFi.  

It’s important to keep a budget aside for such requirements, even if you have entered into an annual maintenance contract. You could dig into these funds at any point, especially during emergencies. 

When we talk about property maintenance costs in Dubai, revolving around repairs, we’d say that putting aside AED 3000 per year is a good place to start. As your house requirements grow, this pool of money can grow as well. Remember, this is in case your annual maintenance contract doesn’t cover your specific requirements. 


Uh-oh! Has a patch of moisture formed on your walls? Or does your AC refuse to budge despite cleaning and repairs? You might have a replacement situation on your hands!

Replacements could cost a tonne unless you’ve already planned for this in advance. If you have home insurance, they might cover the replacement costs. Meanwhile, certain annual property maintenance contracts take care of replacement costs too. 

It’s important to go with someone professional for such a job. Not only because it would be the safer choice to conduct the replacement, but they would also bring high-quality tools and equipment. With your house on the line, it’s better not to take risks!


If you have a garden, it accounts for an important property maintenance cost in Dubai. After all, it’s not easy to keep the most verdant and chirpy backyard right in the middle of the desert! Expenses do tend to mount over time, including watering your trees and bushes, planting new fauna, taking care of flowers, maintaining garden accessories, trimming everything for uniformity, and more! 

Without an annual maintenance contract, the costs for garden upkeep could be between AED 5000 to AED 6000 per year. However, with a contract, the cost could go down to AED 3000. 

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are common in Dubai, and so are the maintenance costs that come with it. Types of maintenance include pump cleaning and repair, pool cleaning, removing chemicals, backwashing, and keeping the surrounding area clean. 

The cost for keeping up a swimming pool depends on the size and amenities surrounding it. You could have someone come in once in a while to take care of your pool, however, the better option is to include it in your annual maintenance contract. 

Cleaning Your House

Household cleaning and upkeep take up another chunk of property maintenance costs in Dubai. From dust gathering in pesky corners to uncleaned residue under your sofa, you need a professional to keep your house spick and span. 

You would also need someone to regularly clean your surroundings in case you don’t have the time. You can hire professional helpers through agencies or apps, or make it a part of your annual maintenance contract. Set aside a portion for thorough deep cleaning in areas that aren’t too easy to clean, replete with allergens and dirt.

Maintaining Your Water Tank

The water tank in your house is pretty much your lifeline, and you need to ensure that is completely clean. You use this tank for daily chores such as cleaning, drinking, washing, and so much more! If it isn’t cleaned regularly, it could lead to several health issues. 

You must have your water tank maintained annually, at least once if not twice. Usually, it should be a part of your maintenance contract, but if not, set aside anywhere between AED 500 to AED 1000 per unit. 

Pest Control

Pests are a perpetual problem in the UAE, especially cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, and more. It’s important to get rid of these promptly to avoid health problems and keep your environment hygienic. If you don’t nip this problem in the bud as soon as it arises, trust us, the pests will multiply. 

A single visit from pest control experts could cost up to AED 500. However, an annual contract could be anywhere between AED 1,500 to AED 2,000. If pests are a frequent problem at home, we highly suggest taking up an annual contract as that would ensure they stay away!

Utility Bills

Costs that add up in total home maintenance also include utility bills, and this is something you should certainly look into while buying or shifting into a property. 

Water, electricity, telephone, and the internet are essentials that no one can do without. You must budget these expenses as well. Depending on how much you use water and electricity, DEWA will bill you every month. Your telephone, TV, and internet charges will vary according to the provider.

Think before you buy!

We hope this guide on property maintenance costs in Dubai was helpful! At Octupus, we’re experts in giving your property just what it needs to get it back in shape. Our expert home maintenance staff is not only well-versed with all aspects of keeping your home in good condition, including plumbing, electrical, and AC services but is also fully licensed.

Reach out to us if you have any inquiries! Call 800 3993 (toll-free).

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