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Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Do More Often

Ready to take on home maintenance tasks?

We know the perils of maintaining a house, especially for new property owners. But if you let this slide, things will start getting out of control, and fast. There are so many different elements to maintain in your house, and certain areas require more attention than others. 

Instead of waiting for everything to go bad at the very last minute, why not take it upon yourself to do smaller maintenance tasks bit by bit every day? Not only does this keep your DEWA bill low in the long run but you also have a functioning home. 

Another important point to note is the advantages of hiring an annual maintenance service company that comes around 2 times a year. They solve issues, both major and minor before they become more complex, saving on costs.

Now that we’ve got the importance of home maintenance tasks covered, here’s our expert guide:

Refrigerator Coils

It’s pivotal to check your refrigerator coil regularly, something that’s often ignored by most homeowners. It can take up to 15% of a home’s complete electrical usage. How can you improve its efficiency? By cleaning the coil as much as possible. It might seem difficult to clean at first, as it’s behind your fridge and confined to a small space. But a great tip is using a vacuum cleaner. Try doing this at least once or twice a year.

Check your home AC system

Your AC system keeps you cool in the ridiculously hot months of summer. Changing your filter is extremely vital to ensure that your AC works properly and doesn’t break down. Those who live in a smaller house with a lesser number of individuals and without pets should consider changing their filter once every 2 or 3 months. However, if you have a pet in the house or there’s a lot of dust in the atmosphere, then check it every month. 

Types of filters depend on your AC and budget. Cheaper filters won’t give you the results that pricier ones would, but more than anything, the quality is important. Before buying a filter, look into brand reviews. Moreover, if you regularly get your vents and ducts cleaned, your filter life expands.


Gutters in your bathroom and kitchen need to be routinely cleaned, twice a year at the very least. Additionally, it’s important to check them every month or even twice a month to ensure that there aren’t any clogs. Clogs come in the form of hair, debris, dust, and so much more that can escape your eye if you don’t check. 

Stove Vent

Your stove vent is ignored so often but is one of the main components that require cleaning. If you take the time out to analyze why, you’ll realize that this vent takes in all the smoke, debris, grease, and steam in the form of particles. If you don’t clean it often, it could exude the same toxicity back into your kitchen.

Cleaning the hood involves either using a natural cleaner or heating up water and using soap. A degreaser would also work for vents that haven’t been cleaned in a while. Keep the cleaner on for a while and then wipe with a damp cloth. 


If you have a garden at home, you need to make sure that your maintenance is regular. You can start by gathering leaves or anything else that has fallen off and bring them together in a bunch. Then move on to placing mulch on your flowerbeds for extra protection and reducing weeds. In case you want to hire a garden maintenance service, doing it during Feb, March, or April would be the best time.

For your trees, it’s important to get them checked by professionals. You want to ensure that they are healthy and are not suffering from any disease. There could still be ways to save the tree early. In case your tree does catch an illness, it could be toxic for you and your family. 

To keep your lawn in check, make sure that your lawnmower is in proper working condition. Check all the parts, or get it inspected by a professional. Do a test run before using it on your whole lawn. An annual tuneup should help keep it in shape. Mow your lawn at least once a month, depending on how fast grass grows.

Check all your alarms and detectors 

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Double-check all your smoke alarms or detectors, and ensure that they are working. These days, there are smart detectors that give warnings in case of too much fume, carbon monoxide, or if you’re in danger of a fire hazard. It’s a simple way to prevent fire accidents. If you aren’t sure how to check these yourself, consider hiring a professional technician. 

Bugs and pests

Your home could be a breeding ground for several types of pests, including termites, silverfish, ants, bedbugs, termites, and cockroaches. Maybe a rat or two as well. It’s important to get rid of bugs and pests before they create infections or carry diseases from outside. 

Flies can be handled by yourself if they are in a smaller quantity. However, termites and cockroaches need regular visits from a pest control company to eradicate completely. Ensure that all types of pest removal are included in your pest control contract. On your end, seal any holes or gaps from which cockroaches could enter.

In case of bedbugs, before bringing any new or old furniture inside your home, get it checked and cleaned. After going on a trip and upon coming back, you need to wash your clothes at once.

Repainting your home

Chipped walls don’t make a very pleasing environment. Check all your walls at least once in three months and make note of any area that is chipped or needs repainting. You can even take photos so you remember. Then, call in a professional painting company that can get the job done for you. When looking out for such companies, check reviews and ensure that their quality of work is top-notch.

Home maintenance tasks matter

Whether you hire a professional to do the job for you or if you do minor tasks yourself, home maintenance tasks are vital to keep troubles at bay. Right from checking your AC system to cleaning out your refrigerator coil, the more often you check up on problems and solve them, the lesser the chances of them blowing up beyond repair.
If you’re on the lookout for professional, licensed, and top-quality home maintenance services, reach out to Octopus. We take care of plumbing, air conditioner issues, electrical problems, and repainting. Call our toll-free number, 800 3993.

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