Home Security Cameras – How Many & Where to Place Them

Your guide on home security cameras.

Keeping your house safe and secure gives you a restful night’s sleep. Home security cameras are the backbone of a fortified home. Moreover, where you place these cameras can determine your house’s safety. The right location can give you the best coverage. You need to keep an eye on certain locations or areas that are the most vulnerable to burglary. 

Thankfully, our experts have just the right information on home security cameras and where to place them. 

How many home security cameras do you need? 

This depends on how big your house is and how many vulnerable spots you have. If you have an apartment with 2-3 weak points, then you only need a few security cameras. Moreover, if you’re on a higher floor, then it wouldn’t make sense to put a camera on your balcony or windows. Additionally, your building should have security cameras already placed in the corridors or lobby. 

In the case of a villa, there might be multiple entry points that you would need to keep secure with a camera. You might need more than 3 cameras as you would need to cover every floor. You can buy these on Noon or Amazon.

Where should you install security cameras?

Floors and windows 

Burglars tend to break in and enter through the ground floor entrances, including your front floor, back door, and windows. Install security cameras on your doors and windows, within and outside. If you have a two-story house, the burglar might even take a chance and climb his way to your second-floor balcony. Place cameras outside and inside your second-floor balconies as well. 

Stairs and hallway

It’s important to place the cameras in an open area or a place where people usually pass through to get into other rooms. Your first-floor hallway and also your staircase are two locations. Also, the hallway on your second floor is a good place.

Common areas

Areas that are used often such as kitchens or living rooms are ideal for placing cameras. In case burglary takes place while you’re at home, they would approach you where you are at the moment, and it’s best to capture it all on tape.


Monitor your driveway with an outdoor camera to capture cars and license plate numbers of burglars. It’s also a useful tool in noting the timing of entry and exit.

In your yard

Keep cameras in your front and back yard. An outdoor camera is the best choice for this. The thief can jump through your fence or hide in the bushes and the camera can catch their location. 

Don’t forget the second floor

Most people place their valuables on the second floor. As mentioned before, it’s a smart choice to place home security cameras on the second-floor hallway. Do not place them in bedrooms or bathrooms as this would violate privacy rules. It’s vital to cover all your bases and keep all footage in hand in case you need to turn it in for an investigation. 


If you have a basement and use it as a place to store your valuables, then you must install a home security camera. Although it’s not as important as other locations, it’s still worth investing in. 

In your garage or shed 

In case you have expensive tools, equipment, or even if your car is inside your garage, you need to monitor it with a camera. The same is true for a shed or any other small building apart from your inside your home. If it’s tough for the WiFi network to reach your garage, consider getting a WiFi extender.

Where you shouldn’t place your home security cameras.

We’ve highlighted the importance of home security cameras but there are still areas that you absolutely should not put them in. 

  • Anywhere in or around your neighbor’s house. Even if it’s for your safety or to check burglars in the area, it’s illegal to place a camera on someone else’s property. Also, do ensure that the focus of the cameras is on your home. 
  • Bedrooms are a complete no for placing security cameras as it violates privacy and has legal repercussions. 
  • Bathrooms are a place where not many valuables are kept and placing a security camera here is a clear violation of security laws.

How to use security cameras

  • Place them on all points of entry as mentioned above as well as other important areas such as hallways and more. Ensure that you have the right cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor cameras are super important because they could prevent a crime before it occurs.
  • The higher you place your cameras, the better. Keep them at least right to 10 feet above the ground for maximum coverage. Also, keeping them higher up would make it more difficult to sabotage or steal. You want to ensure that your camera stays intact and all your footage stays safe.
  • Keep lighting outdoors. For one, it’s a great way to fend off thieves and make them think someone is home. Secondly, even cameras with infrared lighting tend to showcase difficulties in footage visibility. Use outdoor lighting in key areas so that the footage captured is clearer. Make sure to invest in energy-saving lightbulbs. 
  • Place your home security cameras in corners to maximize the view and make the most of your home’s space.
  • Don’t place your cameras in the sun’s direct line. Doing so would cause a glare effect.
  • Test out your cameras or have them tested before placing them on your walls. You don’t want to test them after mounting them. If they don’t work, you would need to take them out and put them back all over again.
  • Steer clear of blind spots that are hard to capture on camera. 
  • You need to clean your cameras regularly. Dust will accumulate on their lenses, and the end results will be unclear footage. It’s super important for you to maintain your cameras regularly.

Getting your cameras professionally installed

Truth be told, while some cameras are easy to install on your own, having a professional do the job might just make the whole process more fool-proof. However, if you do want to do it on your own, make sure to follow step-by-step instructions on your manuals or camera app. Maintain all safety requirements and wear safety gear such as helmets, especially if you’re climbing really high up to place the camera on a wall. 

Some cameras require professional installation and suggest hiring experts. To check for a quality installation company, check for reviews online, ask around, check if they are licensed and insured, and keep it within your budget.

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