How Long Does a Wall Painting Job Take and What to Expect?

The time that’s taken for a wall painting job

The moment you buy a home you are responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. However, when the costs keep coming up over and over again, you need to look for alternative and less costly ways of getting things done. An important option to have is to hire a professional maintenance company such as Octopus that can take care of a variety of things for you, right from plumbing to wall painting.

But why do you need to bother with a paint job in the first place, right? Because it helps raise your home’s total value.

Improve your home’s value

How your home looks is very important for proper and timely valuation. A home with chipping paint and without any aesthetic value simply doesn’t cut it in today’s real estate market. Home evaluators will take things at face value, and won’t bother looking deeper. 

They will have a close look at the state of your windows, paint, shutter, and more, before making a complete evaluation. Any paint that’s peeling or walls that are damaged can reduce your home’s value. In case you’re on the lookout for ways to sell your property quicker, then painting your room is the fastest way to do this.

How long does a room paint job take?

If you get a professional painting company such as Octopus to do your paint job for you, the company’s team work can accelerate the process. Even then, a professional team would spend at least two to four days getting a job done. If you’ve done the prepping beforehand, the whole process could take only up to one to two days. 

Breaking the wall painting job into stages, here’s how much time each process takes for a 10 X 10 room:

1. Surroundings prep (1-2 hours)

Prepping is a very important step in the paint job process because it ensures that your surroundings remain clean and that you also keep everything out of the way so that it doesn’t get damaged. To prep properly go step by step. First look at the furniture in your house and the room that needs to be cleaned. Place all that furniture in the center of your room and for those which can’t be moved, place a cloth on top of them.

Next, take care of soft furniture such as rugs or mats, you don’t want to damage them with fresh paint falling from your ceiling. Remove any wall hangings, decor, or art out of the way to make sure that these do not interrupt with the task. Lastly, carefully remove any decoration or knick-knacks that are breakable. 

2. Wall prepping (2-3 hours)

The next stage is prepping your walls to ensure that you do a complete and smooth paint job. First, clean your walls completely by removing any dust or debris. Then, fill up any holes, dents, or anything similar with caulk or spackle. Finally, if there is paint peeling off, scrape it away and sand it down. Use painter’s tape for areas such as window edges, the line where the ceiling meets the wall, and doors. 

3. The cutting in the process (3-4 hours)

After you’ve cleaned your walls, you might want to start the whole painting process afresh. However, now comes the process of cutting in, or the moment when you outline anything that has an uneven surface such as door frames, windows, and more. Place a clear border so that you don’t cross that while painting. This is to make sure that you don’t paint over these parts by mistake. 

To do this, what you’ll need is a small or medium-sized brush with an angle, and then paint right where the wall meets the ceilings and window edges. It’s also useful for taking care of corners in the overall painting job. Other things you might require are a small painting cup that includes a handle to remove any of the excess paint and also a platform bench to paint a wider area.

4. Priming (2-3 hours)

Your professional painting company will take care of this part. They will prime the walls to make the surface as even as possible and make the paint last longer. Then, they will start the painting job. They will have rollers with extension rods to reach all the designated areas and would most likely also have a platform bench as it’s more comfortable than a ladder and a single session on the bench can cover a lot more.

5. Cleaning (1-2 hours)

After the painting is done, now you need to ensure that it dries up. For it to dry you need to wait at least 2-3 hours before putting your furniture back and taking the painter’s tape off. Make sure to put all your things back where they came from including your wall art, small decorative items, or anything else. Then take a picture of your spectacular and newly transformed space!

The time taken for a wall painting job differs!

The above was an example of a 10 X 10 room. If you’re planning to paint your entire house, it is expected to lengthen the timeline of the project, depending on its dimensions, of course. No matter how much time it takes, the end goal is making sure that you and the professionals you hire do a good job of the entire process. Not only will you feel accomplished at the end of the journey, but you’ll also have a brand new look and feel to your home, which might inspire you to take your decor up to the next level.
For more professional painting jobs get in touch with experts at Octopus. Call 800 3993 for more information on how our experts can come to your home and do a brilliant job.

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