How To Choose A Property Maintenance Company In Dubai

Choosing the best property maintenance company in Dubai.

You’ve put all that effort into finding the best property that suits all your needs in Dubai, and now, you need to place equal value on choosing the best property maintenance company in Dubai. From a studio to a grand home, every property needs maintenance and upkeep. A number of things could go wrong from your air conditioner malfunctioning to walls chipping and short circuits left unchecked. 

Managing your property on your own would not only be highly stressful but also futile. We all know that one person who loves to engage in DIY projects, looking at Youtube videos, and getting something done on their own. However, more often than not, they make the situation worse than it already was before. We want to ensure that your daily property management is stress-free, leaving you to do activities you enjoy and perform your responsibilities at home. 

If you decide to take the other route of calling technicians one by one, be warned. It won’t be a great one. There are many cons to hiring individual technicians and not entering into an annual maintenance contract. 

For one, costs play a major role, as each technician will charge different rates, and most of the time these aren’t even competitive. You would have the hassle of coordinating these technicians, eating into your time. Most importantly, annual maintenance contract companies are already familiar with your home, whereas new technicians are not and they can’t advise you on preventive measures for future repairs.

While choosing the best property maintenance company in Dubai, you need to be careful! Many companies are reliable while others, not so much. It’s important to do your research and pick the one that you’re most impressed with. 

Get recommendations

If you’re new to Dubai or new to owning a property and don’t know where to start, the best place to find answers would be your friends, colleagues, and relatives. They would always give you honest reviews. Your network is there to help you!

Question them on their experience with their current maintenance companies, and if it’s been mostly positive, or if they know any companies that have rave reviews, then it’s worth looking into. It’s important that you don’t rely on one recommendation and ask several people before taking any steps!

Another person who could help you is the agent who sold you the property. The agent’s company might offer property management services. Our parent company, Better Homes, does this, as Octopus takes care of all your property maintenance needs. 

Research, research, research 

We’re in 2021, and there’s no better time than now to find what you’re looking for online. While Google should be your main source, make sure that you also type in a company’s name and check their reviews. You never know what will come up! Social media is a great tool as well, especially groups on Facebook. They are filled with people willing to help. Search for groups related to properties and investments, join them, and ask your question! Validate your research findings with feedback from your network and this should point you in the right direction.

Check out their work

Is the maintenance company currently maintaining houses in Dubai? Ask to check their work! It would be good if they could send you pictures, videos, or testimonials: anything to validate what they promised to offer. Maybe even borrow the contact details of one of their current clients to check how everything’s going.

Don’t be shy! You don’t want to change your property maintenance company every year and need to make sure you’ve crossed everything on your list before taking them on board.

A truly professional company would have a website with a list of their clients and pictures of their past work, along with freely available testimonials. It would show that they don’t have anything to hide and are willing to be transparent with you. 

Licensing and insurance 

When choosing the best property maintenance company in Dubai, a part that you absolutely cannot overlook is their license and insurance. In Dubai, it is mandatory for all contractors to have a license. Moreover, they should be covered with the right insurance. In case of an unexpected event, you don’t want the burden of their expenses or a possible lawsuit. Always double-check and ask them for the necessary documents.

It would also be helpful to check the qualifications and credentials of company staff, especially the ones being sent to your house. How many years have they clocked in and what type of projects have they handled? Are they trained regularly and kept up to date with all types of repairs? Becoming aware of this would help you cement your decision. 

Consult with them in-person or on a call

Meeting with the property management company will give you a better sense of their knowledge and the type of work they do. It would be ideal to meet with them in person, but if this doesn’t happen, a call should do. Once you have a list of companies jotted down you need to prepare questions.

One of the most important questions is about the fine print, or what is included in the maintenance contract. Once you know the fees, make sure that you’re aware of every small detail so that you don’t have any surprises later.

Some companies specialize in certain areas of Dubai and you need to make sure that the company you have shortlisted is the right one for your area. Every area comes with a set of issues to solve, from overheating to humidity, and specialists would do a better job. 

Tackling emergencies is another issue to talk about. Some companies do not have emergencies as part of their service package while others do. If this is something you want, then make sure that you find a company that offers this service.

It’s important to ask them about licensing and insurance at this stage, while also requesting them to show you a copy of their documentation. 

Proximity or propensity for emergencies 

While annual maintenance is enough in most circumstances, you might have an emergency and your property will need immediate attention. 

In such situations, proximity to your property could be a big advantage as technicians could reach your property in a jiffy and take care of any issues. On the other hand, if the company has a reputation of responding fast to numerous situations, then proximity wouldn’t matter as much. Either way, always have a look at reviews to double-check.

It’s time to search!

We’ve given you all the details you need now it’s up to you! From asking your network for the best referrals to digging into your own resources and conducting research, choosing the best property maintenance company in Dubai shouldn’t be too difficult. We want to ensure that you always have the best services, at all times, without regular repairs, leakages, and more to worry about. 

Octopus are experts in property maintenance taking care of everything from AC maintenance to electrical issues, plumbing, and painting. We’re happy to get on a call and discuss what you need. Call our toll-free number, 800 3993. 

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