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How to Paint your Walls Like a Pro 

Have you ever walked into a room and felt your mood instantly change? Do you feel energized in certain spaces and drained in others? The colors and textures within a room might have a hand in this. Nothing shapes the vibe of a room more than the color and quality of paint that covers its walls. Choosing the right combination of colors for your home is a decision you have to make after careful consideration of your intention for that space. We’re all aware of the general rule of thumb when it comes to painting- light colors make spaces seem bigger while darker shades can shrink a space. But a good paint job adds way more dimension to a home than you would expect. Yes, it greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but could also offer a host of practical benefits. 

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few tips you could consider that might help you make the right decision for your living spaces: 

Pick the right color palette 

Choosing the colors for your walls is not as easy as taking your favorite color and splashing it all across your home. It’s easy to apply the “favorite color” approach while picking a t-shirt or a tie. However, changing the color of your walls is not as easy as changing clothes. Keeping in mind that you will have to live in the space, day and night, you must choose a color scheme that you are comfortable with.  It’s a time-consuming and tedious process. Another factor to keep in mind is that there could be a great difference between how colors look as square inch swatches in a catalog and how they end up looking on an entire wall. A smart way to save money and effort would be to patch test your color options on your wall by buying smaller cans of paint in multiple colors, rather than buying gallons of the same paint in one go. Once you are sure of what you want, call in the experts to finish the job! At Octopus, our experienced painters work efficiently to skillfully coat your walls without making a mess! Extra precaution is taken to avoid getting paint on appliances, fixtures, sockets, paintings, and other objects in your home. Rest assured that our painters have got you and your walls expertly covered! 

Prepping the Surface 

Have you felt the urge to make a change to your surroundings to get some good energy flowing? A fresh coat of paint can give your home just the makeover it needs. On a whim, you might decide to buy a can of paint and some brushes and get to work on your DIY paint project. Be warned, painting your walls is not as simple as painting on a crisp, smooth piece of paper. Over time, walls can get grubby. The accumulation of dust, stray hand and shoeprints, a toddler’s wandering crayon or oil, and exhaust fumes from the stove can leave your walls stained and uneven. In addition to this, holes from the nails that hold up shelves, clocks, and paintings need to be filled with putty and smoothed out with sandpaper. Can you imagine putting in the effort to paint an entire wall and realizing that there are divots and discolored patches here and there? A badly done paint job could leave you feeling frustrated. It takes a keen eye and a trained hand to ensure that the canvas is expertly prepped for painting. Contact Octopus for your painting needs and our experts will make sure not to miss a single spot! 

Exterior Walls 

While paint has more aesthetic value for the inside of your house, an important factor to keep in mind for the outside of your house is the type of paint. Unlike interior walls, exterior walls face climatic factors such as heat, rain, humidity, and corrosion. In Dubai, your house must brace itself against harsh sunlight and gusts of dusty wind. Consult our paint experts to choose the best quality paint that doesn’t fade from sunlight or chip and peel due to humidity or corrosion. Another important step before busting out the paints is to make sure your exterior walls are spotless. This vital step will ensure the even distribution of paint and enhance its longevity. You might think this can be achieved with a simple garden hose but that is sadly not true. Using a pressure washer will ensure that your walls are perfectly prepped to receive their new paint job. When it comes to exterior walls, remember- quality and durability are as important as color. Prioritize the functionality of the exterior paint while making your decision. 

Increase Market Value 

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home in a short amount of time, a good paint job will do the trick. Giving the walls of your property a fresh coat of paint is a budget-friendly way to enhance its curb appeal. Freshly painted walls are one of the first things potential clients notice when they walk into a house for the first time. Instead of spending a small fortune on remodeling, hire an experienced painter to leave your walls looking pristine and catch the eye of potential buyers. Be sure to avoid too many bold, clashing colors as many house hunters would prefer to mold the aesthetics of their home to suit their style. Light, neutral, and muted tones are the way to go. By increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home, you are sure to add to the value of the property as prospective buyers are left with a sense of newness and freshness. 

Are you ready to give your home a pro paint job? 

Making a decision on the color and type of paint for your home may seem like a daunting task. Don’t be put off by the amount of effort required. Keep in mind that a good coat of paint can add immense value to your home and life. If you are confused by the variety of paint available on the market, contact our experts at Octopus who will help you make the right decision for your home.  

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