How To Prepare For A Plumber Visit

Prepare for a plumber visit and be aware. 

Do you have too many problems around your house that could require a plumber? A leaking faucet, bursting pipes, a toilet without a working flush, and more? Since the plumbing system is hidden beneath the walls, you might not notice if something’s amiss until it’s too late. Before you know it, your house has leaks because of dripping pipes and isn’t at its best. Because of this, you might need a plumber to come to your house and complete repairs.

But what should you do before a plumber comes and visits? There are a few things to keep in mind. It won’t do for them to randomly check your home and do any form of repairs without the entire context. Therefore, you need to keep a certain set of things in mind before you get plumbing work done. 

Let them know in advance 

When you select the plumber, get on a call and can explain the job in detail. While speaking to them, let them know as much detail as possible. Simply saying “your faucet is leaking” won’t cut it. Tell them which faucet, in your kitchen or bathroom, or if there’s any strange noise coming from the area. Also, if you tried fixing anything yourself in the first place, let the plumbers know. This way, they will be aware if they have to reverse it. 

If the specific plumbing pipe or fixture has acted up before as well, let your expert know. This will help them get the tools needed to solve the problem, both major and small. Let them know whether you live in a building or a villa. The plumbing fittings could be different in each. Remember, the more details you give, the better the repair job will be. 

Identify your main plumbing fixtures 

Are you aware of the different fixtures in your house? Do you have a grasp on where your main water valve or water heater is? What about your water tank where you’re getting the main source of water for showers and more? No matter what, it’s important to note all these things down to prepare for a plumber visit. Draw a light sketch of your home and place an ‘X” wherever you see a fixture. 

This save a lot of time and help the plumber prepare the tools they need for the tasks around your house. It will also give them a better idea of how to diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. 

Clean the problem area

Before the plumber arrives, make sure that the surrounding area is completely clean. The last thing you want is to move boxes around while the plumber is trying to assess the problem. It would be highly inconvenient for them to walk around old papers, boxes, and more. 

In case you have things that don’t need to be there, move them around. Also, clear the area around your main plumbing fixtures. Just in case your plumber needs to access these for more intricate work. 

Get everything fixed 

Now that a plumber’s coming to your house; why not make them look through everything, big or small? 

If you feel your pipes are on the verge of breakdown, or a faucet has been leaking for long. Keep note of all these things, and get your plumber to fix it when they come. It might cost you less by getting everything fixed, especially when you look at the long run as a whole. 

Why should you hire an expert company to do this job?

  • They will have more knowledge on the intricacies of each plumbing job. Like, what needs to be done to repair your fixtures. When people do it themselves, they tend to make the job overly complicated. They even end up spoiling their plumbing fixtures more than usual. An expert’s eyes will solve that. 
  • They will have the right tools to get the job done right from a plumbing wrench to other safety helmets and gloves. Doing it on your own could be a major health risk, especially if you don’t have the safety equipment on hand. 
  • Through annual maintenance contracts with companies such as Octopus, you would have proper peace of mind when it comes to your plumbing fixtures. Any small issues might mount if left on their own, and an annual maintenance contract and plumber’s visit at least twice a year will help tremendously. 
  • While looking for an expert, it’s important to consider many factors. Ask those around you for references and look them up on google. Check for reviews that aren’t overly positive, but rather more practical and truthful. This will give you a better picture of the expert services of the plumbers. Make sure that the technicians of the company are completely licensed and insured against untoward events for your safety and removing your share of liability. 
  • Your long-term costs are reduced when you engage a plumber to check everything around your house. In case of a breakdown, you might have to replace your fixtures completely, and that will be incredibly costly. Also, the better the shape of your pipes, the lesser your DEWA bill will be. As such, your costs will be kept to a minimum in the long run. 

That’s what you need to know to prepare for a plumbing visit!

We hope this guide to prepare everything for a plumbing visit has given you all the information you need to get a plumbing job done the right way. Always give your plumbers a heads-up and note down the details of any problems in your house or water tank. Tell the plumber your area and building type as well. You don’t want to waste time unnecessarily when they visit your house, and should ensure that your surroundings are clean with no boxes in sight. 
Octopus experts are here to help. Our handymen are experts in plumbing, repainting, electrical issues, and AC maintenance. For further inquiries, call 800 3993 and our representative will come back to you.

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