How To Upgrade To A Smart Home

Go smart, live better…

We’re in a new era, and everything’s upgrading along with your home! From wireless speakers that listen to your every command to smart lighting and plumbing, if you own a property, we suggest doing everything possible to make it smart and efficient. 

Why go smart?

-Just a few decades ago, the mere possibility of talking to another human through a small box-like device seemed impossible, and now? We can’t live without our mobile phones. If you want to stay in the current times you have to adapt. You never know, in a few years maybe having a smart home will become a mandatory part of daily living.

-Live more productively. Instead of organizing everything physically, you can get technology to do it for you. Installing a range of highly connected devices helps you keep tabs on your appliances, cooling, security, and entertainment.

-It’s just more fun! Having a smart home makes daily home life fun without a single dull moment. Need to play a movie? Simply ask your device. Want your room to cool? Just give your air conditioner commands through an app. 

Here’s how to upgrade to a smart home. 


First, you have to ensure that your house is well-connected and has a functioning wireless network. Good WiFi connectivity is pivotal, and it should extend across your home. In case it doesn’t you can always use WiFi extenders. They do a good job of increasing connectivity across any house, even hard-to-reach bedrooms. 

After the WiFi is sorted, the next step is ensuring that all your electrical outlets are intact. If your electricity isn’t working, none of your smart systems will either. Dealing with electrical wiring yourself could be dangerous, so we suggest calling in an expert company with electrical technicians such as Octopus

Set the control system

The control system or the hub is the central point of contact between all your smart appliances and you. Either the appliance has its own system or is connected through an app. However, if you have more than 2 or 3 devices you need to connect it to a central system, or a home hub. 

Companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple have created hub devices that are also powerful speakers. You can hear music while also commanding these devices, all at once. For smart lights, certain systems promote smart control that is added behind switches or plugs. 

With all of these advantages, you can control your devices wirelessly and with ease.

The 101 on smart lights

Have you ever wondered how smart lights work? It’s always fascinating to see how lights switch on and off with a single command or clap. This happens with the smart light bulb, a wonderful invention that listens to your instructions and can adjust to preset lighting. Many brands offer smart lights which are for both indoor and outdoor use and are also WiFi-enabled, letting you control them through apps. It’s time to set the mood for your house!

Covering your windows

Imagine forgetting to shut your curtains the night before and waking up to a burst of sunshine. Not the ideal way to start your morning. Smart blinds are here to save the day! Operating through a motorized system, you can operate these blinds through a phone app or your trusted home hub. You can also set automated timings to ensure that your blinds open and close according to when you want them to. 

Security measures

Security is such a vital topic for property owners, especially those residing in villas or townhouses. There are so many vulnerable entry points that could become a problem down the line. But thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you can keep an eye on your home through your phone. Security cameras enabled with WiFi can record footage onto the cloud to be checked in real-time or later. You’ll get to know who’s at your door or if anyone is trespassing even when you’re outside. 

Furthermore, if you have smart lighting and window coverings, you can program them to switch on and off at will, making any potential thief believe that someone’s still at home. The end result is complete safety!

Cooling your home

We’re sure you’re not the only one who has woken up in the middle of the night because your AC is set to an extremely low temperature, but are far too cozy to get out of the covers and switch it off manually. Or maybe you leave for work but forget to switch off your air conditioning and worry about mounting electricity bills. 

There are several brands that offer smart AC systems, including Samsung and LG. You can connect these appliances to your phone and adjust the cooling temperature right from your bed. 

Smart appliances

Smart appliances are the new rave! You can do so many things, right from adjusting the temperature in your fridge, to checking if you need to order any new fruits and veggies, and sending you a picture of your fridge if you can’t remember what to order at the supermarket. They are totally a must-have in any modern home. 

Next on the list are smart washing machines which are controlled using apps or home hubs. You can schedule when you want your washing machine to start, stop, dry clothes, and more. 

Cleaning appliances are also taking center stage as many people find it super-convenient and helpful while doing chores. An appliance many of you must have already seen is the robot vacuum cleaner which goes around your house, picking up dust while avoiding bumping into objects. It’s fun to control these on devices through your phone or hub. 

Keeping it smart

Now that you’re aware of how to upgrade to a smart home, it’s time to get to it! Octopus is here to help you during the initial phase of electricity checks. If you’re planning to keep a smart home for life, which you should, then we highly recommend adding electricity maintenance to your annual maintenance contract. 

Also, with a home so connected, it’s important that your AC doesn’t leak and that your plumbing is also in top order. Fortunately, Octopus also provides air conditioning and plumbing maintenance services, ensuring that your smart home always remains in top form. 

If you have any questions, we’re happy to connect. Call us on our Toll-Free number, 800 3993.

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