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Indoor Garden Ideas

Indoor garden ideas you can start today!

Have you ever thought of having an indoor garden? In Dubai’s climate, the best option is having developing an indoor garden, as the overwhelming heat may also affect your plants. While vegetable gardens, green balconies, and beautiful flower beds are loved by many, it just might not be feasible in the city. The heat may be overwhelming and cloud your creativity, whish is why, today we bring you a few indoor garden ideas.

The question is: where to start? Firstly, you need a nice indoor space, away from nature’s wrath. Indoor garden options are always there, and the good news is that you can try several types of flora and fauna. For example, you can have an indoor lemon tree, have a plant wall, or decorate your place with a wide array of cut succulents. 

A big advantage of having an indoor garden is the fact that you can easily mix and match things, and keep your garden fresh throughout the year. One of the first things you need to do is plan the type of garden you’re after and pick out the place. Make sure to place your garden in an adequate area, exposed to sunlight and shade.

Here are some indoor garden ideas for you to try:

1) Same-size collection

To make your indoor garden as aesthetic and easy to manage as possible, consider getting similar-sized plants, such as small or mid-sized ones. Medium-sized plants help make a good impression and aren’t even too hard maintenance like indoor trees. However, it depends on the type of look and the feel you’re going for.

2)  Hybrid

If you don’t want a complete indoor garden, a half-in, half-out garden is a good option too. Not only does it make your garden feel more vast and expansive, but it also brings a lot of colors to your home. If you have a balcony that extends through sliding doors, or an outdoor patio that also has some area within, give this a shot. You can play with this concept and elaborate on the indoor garden ideas.

3) Aesthetic indoor garden

To boost your indoor space, why not try to mix up pots and plants? According to the style you are going for, from chic, to boho, get the pots you desire and make your space visually interesting. Even old canisters or bottles can make great and creative pots.

4) Herb Garden

Imagine picking out fresh herbs right before dinner and dressing up your dishes. It’s possible with a refreshing herb garden. Hanging this means that you don’t need any additional space and can grow your herbs with ease. Get creative, a herb garden is just one of the many indoor garden ideas you can implement that will provide your home with fresh condiments in the morning!

5) Garden closet

Old wardrobes may be seem useless pieces of furniture once you upgrade to a new one. However, before getting rid of it, why not contemplating the idea of transforming it into an indoor garden of its own. Of course, given its nature, it would be ideal for shade plants, unless you for through the hassle of moving it outside. Luckily for you, we’ve got some pretty skillful handymen who can take care of that for you.

6) Terrariums

Terrariums have been the craze over the past few years and are a simple way to create a cozy indoor garden. All you need are a few display glasses and air plants or succulents, the terrarium will sustain itself.

7) Hanging colors

Want to add several touches of colors to your indoor space? Try a colorful floral or fauna extravaganza. These can be displayed from the ceiling of any room, and can also be paired with hammocks.

8) Succulent garden

In case you have some space or a corner that’s simply asking to be decorated, then opt for a succulent garden. It brings greenery to your home with low maintenance and oodles of ambiance.

9) Shelf Garden 

A shelf garden lets you showcase your plants in a very unique way! You can even have shelves from floor to ceiling, depending on how you want your aesthetics to be. 

10) Unique ideas

To make your indoor garden super unique, why don’t you arrange them around a faux fireplace? You can also try this around functioning fireplaces but be careful, as you don’t want your plants to catch fire.

11) Greenhouse

An indoor greenhouse is a creative way to make a garden. How to make this a reality? Just get a few big leaves or fronds and place them inside your pantry, mudroom, or laundry room for giving an instant greenhouse lift. Placing plants here make these spaces more interesting, as they are often only used for a single job.

12) Garden kitchen

Apart from herbs, there are a plethora of plants that can take your kitchen space to the next level. You can house several varieties of plants in your kitchen and make it a cozy place to have meals.

13) Bathroom

Not many people think a bathroom is a great place for an indoor garden, but in fact, it’s one of the best spaces. It can be a great location for plants and can also add a touch of unbeatable freshness. Try some hanging pots, or on a shelf, or even have one intertwined with a showerhead. We leave it up to you.

14) Cactus garden

Slightly different from succulents, a cactus garden is much bigger. Pair your cacti with terracotta pots, wall-mounted, for a lovely effect. 

15) Plant wall 

If you’re in the mood to truly take care of your plant garden, then you can have a whole plant wall. Take cuttings of your favorite plants and place them in a gorgeous display. Leave them there until they can be repotted once more.

Here are the indoor garden ideas that you should try!

From beautiful hanging plants to a breathtaking herb garden, these are the garden ideas that you should try! Take your time to plan, as once you do, you can lay it out the way you want to. Remember, maintaining a garden isn’t the easiest job, so you want to make sure that you know what you’re getting into. If you are busy, try to get plants that are easier to maintain, such as succulents. 

We hope that these tips help liven up your home! Any home DIY project requires that your house is in good shape. Engage experts from Octopus to make sure that your plumbing, electricity, air conditioner, and paint are all in great condition. Call 800 3993, and our experts will be in touch with you.

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