8 Sustainable Ways To Keep Your Home Cool during the Summer

When the Dubai summer comes it brings an excessive amount of heat with it. But at the same time you have to spend a bomb on AC costs, especially in Dubai where the heat goes through the roof. It’s not too fun to see your bills pile up, and the energy used in maintaining your AC isn’t beneficial for the planet either. The best way to go about this is to try some eco-friendly and green methods that keep your home cool while saving your costs in the long run. 

There are many things to consider while embarking on this, right from your long-term costs to what is feasible. The main point is to ensure that your house stays cool throughout the summer without using the AC too much and also conserving energy for the environment. 

Here are some summer home cooling tips that you can use. 

Ceiling fans 

Ceiling fans are a great and more eco-friendly option than ACs. They give a much needed breeze during summer days. If you get the right type of fan, they can circulate the air in your house and make it nice and cool. It’s also cheaper to maintain and consumes lesser amounts of electricity compared to an AC. 

When choosing a fan, opt for bigger blades. A ceiling fan is primarily useful when you feel the air on your skin. A larger surface area entails a cooler environment for your home.

Blackout curtains 

Blackout curtains do a great job of keeping sunlight at bay. If you don’t cover your windows, the sunlight tends to creep in and warm up your surroundings. Solar heat makes your air conditioner less effective. Complete blackout curtains on the windows, especially those that are on the receiving end of sunlight, is the best way to block the afternoon sun. An additional way to sustain your inner atmosphere as cool as possible is by closing these curtains when you leave for work, maintaining the cool air your AC provides inside the room, ensuring a cool breeze will welcome you back from work.

Reflective film 

If you’re working from home and prefer a little bit of light at your place, reflective film should do the trick. As you’re using blackout curtains for the window, reflective tinting allows you to see the sunshine outdoors while also preventing sun damage to the flooring or furniture. It’s a double win!


In situations where your windows are on the receiving end of sunlight for most of the day, a single protective coating won’t be enough to tackle solar rays. A good solution is to install awnings and reduce the overall glare. Another option is creating a wraparound porch with a roof that ensures your window glass is always shaded. Either way, both solutions are green ways to make your home more cool. 

Trees or bushes

Plant trees or bushes around your home to give it some much needed shade. It’s important that you do this with a plan in mind. Experts suggest placing bushes or fauna next to your home that is not higher than two to three feet. While it’s a great idea to plant shade trees, make sure that you cut at least seven feet of branches from the bottom as they could be used as an access point by stray cats. 

Keep windows shut during daytime

You might be thinking that if you leave windows open during the summer, a nice breeze might come and take over. However, summer days come with high humidity, and sometimes, letting the windows open brings that humidity inside and makes your home even hotter, affects your AC unit, and prevents it from doing its job. The best solution is keeping your windows closed and trapping the cool air inside your home. 

Try cooking outside 

Cooking indoors, even with an exhaust fan, during the summer, makes your home far hotter than it should be. This is especially if your home is smaller. Why not opt for cooking in your balcony or yard? Some grilling once in a while won’t hurt. 

Take out the humidity

If you live in a coastal city, such as Dubai, you know that the humidity can truly take over. Humidity condenses heat inside your home, elevating the temperature even when the AC is on. Use a dehumidifier, as it takes water out of the air and makes you feel far cooler. Such devices are also great to get rid of mold and mildew buildup, and are a very eco-friendly way to ensure that your home stays cool.


In case your home’s closer to the desert region, then it’s better to use a mist on outdoor areas. In situations where the air outside is arid and hot, water truly cools the senses. Creating a system on the patio or balcony makes barbecues a pleasant experience. Inside, you can use a diffuser to bring about a lovely touch of scented mist.

Summer home cooling tips the eco-friendly way

Now that you’re aware about all the eco-friendly ways you can use summer home cooling tips, don’t forget to try them too! With these tips, you can save a lot on AC costs and can also use the downtime to get your AC checked by experts such as Octopus. Remember, some of these tips would work in certain conditions, while others may not. For example a dehumidifier removes the humidity from the air in houses that are next to the coast, and a diffuser can give an added dose of mist for homes that are closer to the desert. 

From placing ceiling fans, which consume far less electricity, to easy tips such as keeping the windows shut during the day, these summer home cooling tips are not only effective but also simple, sustainable and successful. If you have any more questions about your AC, do reach out to us at Octopus on 800 3993.

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