Must-Have Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

A guide on home maintenance tools…

First-time and even veteran homeowners need to look into the right tools to spend their money on. If you’ve just moved into a property, you will need appropriate tools to repair, maintain and improve it. The ideal solution is to bring a good tool kit to your home. Having a set of sturdy, durable tools early on is the perfect investment for the long run. The more tools you invest in in the present, the lesser your costs for the future. You could find most of these on Noon or Amazon.

Read this guide to learn about the most common home maintenance tools every homeowner must have in their box. Ranging from easily operable tools to machines, you can find these in any hardware store across the UAE.

Let’s start!

Measuring tape

Measuring tapes are used in nearly all phases of construction and renovation. From replacing a piece of furniture or an appliance to buying a piece of art for your wall, a measuring tape is absolutely essential. The most easy-to-use type of tape is an easy-locking model that is three-fourths inches wide. If they are thinner, they may not hold as you try to measure the area, whereas thicker ones don’t provide complete accuracy. 


Nails, nails, nails. The only way to ensure that your nails are properly placed within your walls or furniture is by investing in a good, sturdy hammer. You might also want to demolish something and use a hammer for pounding. Either way, it should always include a “rip” claw. It’s important to make sure that the hammer’s head has a smooth finish so it doesn’t slip. 

If you’re planning on an extensive renovation project, a sledgehammer is the best choice. It breaks concrete, rocks and is a good tool to keep on hand if you’re calling a professional. 


A staple in any toolbox, owning the right screwdriver set will help you a lot in the long run. These screwdrivers must include diverse flatheads and head sizes. Magnetic heads that change are indeed very convenient, but keep them stored in a single place. Machines such as cordless electric drills are also super useful for assembling furniture, but they are still reliant on electricity for charging. Always have metal screwdrivers on hand. 


Pliers are the masters of manipulation, perfect for bending wires, pinching or pulling, and holding things in place. It’s important to have a durable set of long-nose pliers, locking pliers, and combination pliers to take care of all smaller things around your house.


Adjustable wrenches are a must to fix nuts and bolts, which are essentials for home repair and maintenance. Try to find a high-quality combination wrench, and when you’re ready to go to the next level, upgrade to a socket or ratchet set. A hex key set is good for smaller jobs. 


A level is a staple for a number of jobs, right from figuring out and placing a picture frame to installing cabinets. Nowadays, there are many modern versions of the level, but the basic, analog model is the best.


Today’s era is all about using the torchlight on our phones. But what if your battery goes out? It’s important to have a high-functioning LED flashlight that helps you navigate in case your power fails. Try getting one with a rechargeable battery for longer-lasting benefits. You can also use flashlights for searching in darker areas and for better visibility while fixing something.

Utility knife

In an era of constant online orders, a utility knife is a versatile tool that has numerous benefits. You can open boxes, cut carpet edges for better aesthetics, or remove heavy debris from windows.

Nails and screws

While these should come with your standard toolbox, it’s still essential to arrange and keep an array of nails and screws. You’ll need them for myriad projects at home from assembling furniture to placing pictures on the wall. You’ll get a wide variety of these in prepackaged forms.

Wire cutters

You never know when you might need a wire cutter. Projects, where you might need it, include arts and crafts, small electronic repairs, and more. Opt for lightweight ones that are ideal for cutting brass, iron, aluminum, copper, steel, and other lighter metals. 



If you plan to hire someone for painting or sealing, having a sander on hand is a great option. It helps make smoother surfaces and makes the job easier. For smaller jobs such as smoothening furniture or fences, a handheld sander is enough to do the trick.

Cordless Drill and Drill Bits

A machine that every homeowner must have is a cordless drill along with an accompanying set of drill bits. These are the core items of any toolbox. It’s important to pick up a wireless one as it’s super convenient and also comes in handy for smaller projects.


Clamps are the best solution for keeping something in place as you work on it or around it. Projects such as assembling furniture, fixing electrical outputs, and more require a clamp. 


You might associate plungers as a perfect tool to fix clogged toilets, but they are super important to have if your home floods, or in case there are troubles in your bathroom or basement.

Extension Cord

Extension cords are vital in any house, however, so many homeowners don’t have enough at home. These extension cords come in numerous shapes and sizes. From plugging in your laptop power source to using it as a charging station, choose your extension cord based on why you need it. 

Extension cords for outdoor areas have a greater amount of insulation and a protective surface to combat the weather. Outdoor projects or lighting need an outdoor cord. Don’t use any other type of extension cord outside.

Good old toolbox

While everything mentioned above forms the basics of home maintenance tools, don’t forget your good old toolbox! You need a toolbox to place your tools inside and carry them from one place to another. It’s also an essential item for storing everything, right from your hammer to screws. 

Home maintenance tools for the win 

We hope this guide on home maintenance tools helps you on your journey to building your toolbox. While this list is extremely comprehensive it doesn’t include everything you need to have on hand. A quick trip to the hardware store will give you a better idea of what you need to use. Check this list as a starting point and build your tool collection from there. Happy shopping!

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