7 Tips on Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai

So, you have a swimming pool in your backyard! An amazing place for your family to unwind, relax, and have fun, especially during hot summer months and pleasant winter afternoons in Dubai. Installing a swimming pool is not an easy job. You could either get one created from scratch or install a prefabricated pool. However, no matter what type of pool you choose, one thing is certain, you will have to maintain it. 

In Dubai, there are plenty of particles flying around, from dust to feathers, and you need to ensure that your pool stays clean, bacteria-free. Your swimming pool’s filter does a good job of cleaning out water through chlorine, but it can’t touch your surface. Odd leaves, bird remains, and more need to be handled by you. 

To counter this, we highly recommend weekly pool maintenance. If you want to dip your toes in or have a relaxing swim, the last thing you want to see is debris floating near your nose or legs. Moreover, if you have children, it might be very unhealthy to let them swim in unclean pools.

Here are some important weekly maintenance tips by Octopus experts:

Take off the leaves and remaining debris

Ideally, this task should be done every day. Skimming the water surface is the most essential part of the overall maintenance routine. To do this, we recommend a long-handled leaf skimmer. Scoop up the insects, leaves, bird remains, or any other gunk from the surface of your pool. 

We recommend doing this step right when you spot the debris, because the heavier it becomes, the more likely it is to reach the bottom of your pool which not only becomes more difficult to remove but can also cause stains. In case you have trees around your pool, maintain them by trimming the branches. This prevents odd leaves from popping up on your surface.

This activity only takes a couple of minutes, and your water looks clear and lovely. The sooner you remove the debris, it is less likely it will stain the bottom of your pool or get inside your filter.

Clean sediment from your pool walls

Sediment tends to pile up on your pool walls and also around your pool on slides and ladders. It’s very important to brush these at least once a week to take out the dirt and ensure that algae don’t form.

The best tool to use for this is a brush, as it can really get into all that grime and take out the dirt across your pool walls and fixtures including your slides, ladder, and more accessories. When doing this, always try to get all the sediments next to the main drain so that the vacuum process is easier.

Pool vacuuming

After the process of removing the sediment and algae from your pool with a brush, begin the vacuuming process. This takes care of anything remaining or any items that have also been deposited at the bottom of the swimming pool. Pretty handy!

Tips to use an automatic vacuum:

In case you’re using an automatic vacuum, here are the tips to follow:

  • Plug it into a nearby outlet but be very careful as you’re next to water.
  • Set it on the water.
  • It will do the job for you then.

The different types of automatic vacuums include robotic vacuums, which are energy-efficient and have a different type of system from the main filter. Meanwhile, pressure vacuums take a pressure line of the filter system to freely be mobile around the pool. These types of vacuums need pool pumps to function. Suction vacuums use the water flow on the system and attach to a skimmer or suction port. 

Skimmer cleaning

It’s important to clean your skimmers at least once a week or even more, depending on how dirty it gets. When you remove the debris, your skimmer works at optimum efficiency and you also save on your electricity bills. In the long run, it takes in the debris that lands up on your pool. 

If your swimming pool’s water level is more than halfway above your skimmer, it won’t function properly. Here’s a tip. Whenever you’re cleaning the surface of your pool, make sure that the skimmer is clean as well. It’s vital to stay on top of your pool game!

Pump it up

The circulation system of your pool depends on the pump, skimmer, drain, pump strainer, and filter. This whole system works in tandem with each other to keep your water clean and also completely filtered. 

It’s important to keep your pump running every day for long periods of time to ensure that you filter your water thoroughly and that the whole circulation system is fully clean. This system is one part of your pool that needs to remain clean at all times.

Keep tabs on your filter

No matter what type of filter you have, cartridge, sand, or a vertical grid DE, it takes out all the debris and particles from the pool. Therefore it’s one of the main cleaning systems of your pool and needs to be looked after. To clean the filter, you will probably have a manual or you can look it up online. 

Check up on your filter every week and take out debris that’s collected by hand first, and then do a more thorough cleaning by following detailed instructions. One cleaning technique is known as backwashing, and you can do this as needed. If you use your pool often you should do this at least once a week.

Test the water and add chemicals if needed

It’s important to do tests on your pool weekly. Tests are important to check the levels of various elements in your water and make sure that they aren’t hazardous. Chemicals are usually added to a pool every day. 

Such chemicals include things to keep it clean, such as disinfectants, sanitizers, and more, that keep algae away and promote a healthier pool. 

Shock treatments also help to clear the pool from algae, dirt, bacteria, and anything else that comes inside your pool. For the best shock treatments, it’s pivotal to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, if you aren’t equipped with the necessary safety equipment, it’s better to call in a professional to do this.

Do try these weekly pool maintenance tips!

If any of these tips are too complicated to execute, then do call in a professional. If you have any further questions, please call us at Octopus on 800 3993.

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