Reasons To Get Your AC System Checked Before Summer

Getting your AC system checked before summer is vital!

If you’re a resident in Dubai, then you’ve most likely faced the most atrocious of summers. Going above 40 degrees Celcius, the only salvation for city dwellers are air conditioners. Now imagine if this conks out right before summer. What a disaster this would be!

Just like any other appliance at home, your air conditioner needs regular checkups and tweaks. If you haven’t got your air conditioner checked throughout the year, it’s crucial you do it before the summer months. If you don’t, you might face a complete AC breakdown and face spells of heat within your own home. 

Here are some reasons why you should get your AC checked before summer starts: 


Not many people are aware, but a properly functioning AC reduces electricity costs. When your AC is functioning well, has lesser dirt, or has all its parts in proper order, it improves energy efficiency. It also increases cooling capabilities, and you don’t have to keep it on all the time. As a result, your long-term costs are saved. 

Expanding your AC life

Keeping your AC well-maintained increases its life span. As homeowners, you already know the cost of investing in an AC, especially in every room. Now, if these break down before completing their entire life span, you would have to pay to replace them. The best way to keep your AC functioning for a longer term is by getting it checked. 

This is especially important for the summer, where you want your AC to work under any circumstance. Entering into an annual maintenance contract with a company such as Octopus is vital for getting your AC checked before summer. 

Better AC performance 

Getting your AC checked before the summer is an important step in ensuring better cooling and performance. You also don’t have to worry about breakdowns in the middle of a heatwave. You and your family can always stay comfortable. 

When an AC doesn’t work properly, it will have a tough time ensuring that your home stays cool. Have you ever found dry or humid spells in a room? It’s because of a malfunctioning AC. Imagine sweating like this during Dubai’s summer months! No can do!

If the temperature is different per room, it’s a sign that your AC is not working properly too. When you have regular maintenance, you’ll stay rest assured that your AC is in good shape.

Better for the environment 

ACs that aren’t maintained regularly tend to accumulate dust, debris, and other unwanted particles that are harmful to the environment and your general health. The heat generated by a malfunctioning AC also causes disruptions in the atmosphere and increases energy consumption. Maintain your AC and become friends with the world around you!

Keep repair costs at bay

Your system has a much higher chance of breaking down if you don’t get it checked regularly, and especially during hot summer months. If your filter and other elements don’t work properly during the summer, when your AC does over time, it could lead to a complete breakdown. 

Once your AC is beyond repair, there’s no looking back, you’ll need to buy a new one and spend excessive amounts of money. The better choice is to get it checked regularly by professionals. 

Get an energy efficiency rating

Getting your AC checked wouldn’t make sense unless you know its lifetime value. To find this out, it’s important to get a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating or SEER. You can get this done by any evaluation body. You’ll find out how far along your AC is in its life expectancy, helping you fix it on time, and saving costs for extra and unnecessary replacements. 

Your drainage system

Your AC is akin to a drainage system that takes moisture from the air and ensures that there is more cooling and lower humidity within your house. 

The evaporator part of your AC is one of the main components for adequate cooling. It’s the key to a comfortable home during the summer months in Dubai. Getting your AC system checked before summer and at least twice a year by professionals makes sure that all parts are always in order.

Keeping dust at bay

Ever wondered why you’re coughing or sneezing incessantly? It could be because of all the dust in your atmosphere. One of the major reasons for dust in the air is unclean AC vents or filters. You need to clean your surroundings and also your AC from within to prevent dust from spreading everywhere. 

Dust leads to allergies and breathing problems, and if not cleaned up, could also result in a system breakdown. It’s the last thing you need during the summer months. You’ll also get the added benefit of better air quality if you get your filter replaced every now and then. For homes that are extra dusty, this should be done at least two to three times a year. 

Keeping tabs on your warranty

All warranties have conditions, and homeowners need to follow them. Your AC’s warranty would most likely have a clause relating to your unit’s quality which can be easily decipherable through a check. In case your AC breaks down and you haven’t acted according to the warranty stipulations, there’s a chance that the company might not replace your system and you’ll need to handle this all by yourself.

When you buy your AC, have a good look at the warranty and list down the things that you absolutely must follow. Better yet, call a professional home maintenance company at least twice a year.

Having peace of mind

You already have so much going on in your life. Your daily responsibilities, work, kids. The last thing you need is an AC that doesn’t work. You really don’t need AC troubles to catch you by surprise and render you helpless during the summer months. 

By hiring an annual home maintenance company and AC technicians to check your home at least twice a year, you don’t have to worry about taking care of your AC yourself and let the professionals do the job for you. They will let you know if any issues are coming up or if you need to replace any parts, and will also clean your AC. The end goal is to keep your AC running smoothly for the long term. 

How did you like our guide on getting your AC system checked before summer?

Now that we’ve listed down all the reasons why it’s necessary to get your AC system checked before the summer months, it’s time to spring into action. The first and most important step is to search for online annual home maintenance companies such as Octopus, which not only include AC maintenance in the package, but also include plumbing, electricity checks, and repainting. 

Hiring professionals have the dual benefit of making sure that they are licensed and insured against unexpected events. For any inquiries, feel free to call Octopus on our toll-free number, 800 3993, and our representatives will help you. 

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