Signs That Tell You It’s Time for AC Duct Cleaning

Here’s what you need to know:

Have you been sneezing, coughing, or having a runny nose? It could have to do with the air quality in your house. Not only is having good air quality important for an ambient home but also for maintaining good health. Even the smallest dust particle, mold, or any other disruptive element in your AC duct can pollute the air indoors, leading to problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and breathing issues. This is why AC Duct cleaning is so important.

You need to engage a professional every now and then to clean your AC duct, leaving you with an environment that is both healthy and clean. It might be a little costly in the long run, but you’ll benefit from better health and lower medical expenses.

Moreover, getting an AC maintenance expert is a better decision than simply making someone clean your AC ducts. They can find out if your AC needs repair or replacement, prevent major issues from occurring or do quick fixes on the spot. In a city like Dubai, where summer heat is torture, you truly need your AC to be in proper working condition, especially when the temperature goes above 40 degrees Celcius. 

In any case, you need to know the signs of when to get your AC cleaned. Here’s how you know it’s time for AC duct cleaning:

Mold spreading 

Mildew and mold are usually found in small, moist, and hot places. An AC duct is the ideal location for such particles, as they aren’t cleaned so often and are difficult to reach. Such spores are transported through the vents when the AC is on and gets exposed inside your house. Not only are they very bad for your family’s health, but they also cause a horrible, putrid smell. This smell is a sign that mold and mildew are festering in your house. It’s important to get a professional to take a look and remove this. 

Too much dust

Dust is common in Dubai, but if there is far too much, it might be coming from your AC. In some situations, your AC takes in the dust from outside and brings it inside your home. Dust can cause several health problems such as coughing, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, breathing issues, and more. It’s important to get your AC maintenance company to check as it’s an indicator that it’s time for AC duct cleaning.

Electricity bills

An overused AC rakes up higher electricity bills. Also, if there’s too much dust, mold, or any other elements, it can disrupt your AC’s output and also increase electricity bills as a result. Of course, during the summer, an increase in bills is expected, but if it increases even when the temperature cools down, it’s time to call in a professional to clean and check your AC for damage. It’s a great way to save up on costs.

Allergy issues

Do you have itchy, watery eyes, sore throat, sneezing, headaches, and more such symptoms? You might have an allergy. Allergies come in seasons, for example, when there’s too much dust outdoors or pollen, but if the allergy is a year-round occurrence, then it could be because of your air’s quality. Triggers could be floating indoors in the form of dust or small particles, and it’s very important to get your AC ducts cleaned to avoid them. 

You cleaned your duct a very, very long time ago

If you only clean your AC ducts when you think there’s dirt in them, it will cause problems. You need to regularly maintain your AC duct and ensure that it is clean. Also, maintaining your AC for small repairs is a must. It’s not prudent to leave it until the last minute because you might have to replace the whole thing.

Members of your family have respiratory problems

Respiratory problems are due to many causes, but a lot of the time it’s because of your air-ducts and the dirty air in your surroundings. In commercial settings especially, if business owners haven’t cleaned their AC ducts, they could be held liable for their employees’ health. In case any of your family members already have allergies, dirty ducts will make it even worse. It’s in everyone’s best interest to call an AC maintenance company or sign an annual contract.

Air filters haven’t been changed

Your air filter removes dust and pumps out clean air. But many people forget to get this part replaced. If the last time you replaced your AC filter was a long time ago, it’s time to call a professional to do it. In case it is full of dust, the particles can find their way into your AC duct. It’s important to call a professional because you don’t want to damage any other AC part.

Dirty vent covers

If your AC vents are dirty, it’s obvious that some part of that dust will come into the atmosphere. While getting your air duct cleaned, ask your professional to look into the vents as well. It’s incredibly important that they do a thorough job. 

Noise comes from your ducts

If your AC’s making an abnormal sound then you probably have a problem with your ducts. If there is banging or popping, it means your insulation is at fault, leading to the expansion or contraction of metal. In case of rattling, maybe some sections are out of place. A whooshing sound indicates that your ducts can’t handle your system at the moment. Always get a professional in to make sure.

Airflow isn’t smooth across the house

Are some rooms cooler than others even if the AC is operating at the same temperature in every room? This could be because of dust and debris issues. The solution is calling in professional technicians to clean and maintain your AC.

You might have rodents

In some cases, rats might find their tiny little home in your air ducts. They leave dust, droppings, fur, and more which could lead to toxic fumes in your house. If you spot any of the creatures around your home, it’s time to call in exterminators and AC professionals. 

House remodeling 

In case your house has gone through a renovation, with all the work happening around, dust and debris could easily be trapped into air ducts. After you’ve transformed your home, get your AC ducts cleaned by experts before moving in.

We hope this has been useful!

While these reasons are a great way to check when it’s time for AC duct cleaning, it’s important to include AC cleaning and maintenance in your annual maintenance contract. It’s pivotal to go with a company as their staff is licensed and insured against unexpected events, ensuring that they will do a professional job.

Investing in maintenance now will ensure that your family members stay healthy in the long run and avoid severe allergic reactions or respiratory problems. Make sure to look out for your health first before anything else.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Octopus. Our experts are more than happy to assist you. Please call our toll-free number, 800 3993.

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