The Importance of AC Duct Cleaning

AC Ducts are the most ignored parts of the AC unit. Although the most invisible part of the AC, the duct are the most important part and should be cleaned regularly. Living in Dubai is a brilliant life of sun, sand, and AC. Seriously, we have ACs universally in Dubai, from the bus stops to every indoor area. Apart from comfort, this is also because at peak summer, the heat can cause severe dehydration and heatstroke.

Air conditioners do a healer’s job in Dubai. And that’s why, just like a car, it’s important to maintain it throughout the year by scheduling regular maintenance. 

One of the most notable parts of an AC is the AC duct. As a resident, there are a number of signs you can pay attention to, in order to ensure that your AC and its ducts are working fine. 

Duct maintenance and cleaning will always affect the quality of your life in this thriving desert metropolis for a host of reasons. But we’ve compiled a short list that will help you!

Clean AC Ducts Can Prevent Respiratory Issues

Living in Dubai, with its overwhelming heat and dust, most residents leave their balconies and windows closed, curtailing the natural airflow that people living elsewhere avail of. What this means is that our primary source of ventilation comes from our AC systems.

Our ACs perform more than one crucial task in our daily lives. Not only does it regulate our in-home temperature, but it also provides much-needed ventilation in our homes. That, combined with our heavy AC usage explains why air ducts in Dubai require more maintenance and repair than they would in another place.

A badly maintained duct can lead to perpetual, low-level respiratory issues. We’re talking constant sneezes and runny noses. Additionally, some people also report mild coughs. The reasons for this are twofold.

Firstly, it helps to understand that the AC takes in air from the environment that it cools, and then expels. What this means is that over the course of a day in one room, the system circulates the same air. To which we add pollutants like bacteria, tobacco smoke, dust, etc. A duct left in disrepair for over 6 months collects an astonishing quantity of debris, mold, dust and dead insects.

Protect your indoor air quality by getting your air ducts cleaned out at least annually by professionals like Octopus. It will save you time, and quite a lot of money in the long run by alleviating potential health issues.

Moldy AC Duct

The average AC duct is a pretty humid environment. Needless to say, moisture and heat make for accelerated mold growth. If you were to open your air duct today, you’d find that it hosts a mold and mildew civilization. 

The fact that AC ducts are hard to reach and rarely cleaned out plays a big role in the spread of mold. And the mold releases tiny spores that travel through your ducts and exit the vents when the air conditioner is turned on, to the detriment of your family, pets, and your own health. Added to that is the terrible fact that mold is smelly. If your AC released a putrid odor whenever you turn it on, it’s a sign that the mold in your air ducts has grown into a significant concern, and is festering as you read this.

If your air conditioner stinks every time you turn it on, call professionals like Octopus for help and get your ducts cleaned. 

Dusty Ducts

UAE is plagued by frequent sandstorms, leading to dust and sand getting everywhere. From balconies and backyards to a window unknowingly left open a tiny crack, it gets into our homes with ease. And from our homes, into our AC and its ducts. 

While sand is the source of delight at the beach, it really isn’t the same to have particles of it floating around in our homes and into the very air that we breathe. Dust leads to numerous health problems, and at-risk people, such as those with allergies or asthma face the brunt of it. Healthy people without respiratory conditions also exhibit breathing issues, sneezing, watery eyes, and coughing when exposed to constant dust in our ambient atmosphere. 

Grab hold of a well-reviewed AC maintenance company and get your air ducts checked, especially if there have been more dust storms than usual in the past half-year.

High AC Bills

A bad air duct can cause severe energy drains and add to your DEWA bill enormously. Poorly insulated air ducts are a silent, but deadly drain on your purse strings. Without proper insulation to regulate temperature, these warm ducts heat the cool air that your AC is trying to blow your way, taking longer to cool your hot room, and costing you more every time you use it. Movement like construction or renovation, the caliber of installation, and just plain corrosion can cause your ducts to leak, dispelling the quality of air that is meant to cool your space. A clogged vent is an energy drain because an overused AC rakes up higher DEWA bills. 

Planning your next AC Duct cleaning?

We hope you found this guide useful and that it will help you against the sweltering heat of Dubai. We strongly recommend fixing your AC problems before the last minute because it will take longer to fix and increase your repair expenses. Doing some DIY cleaning on the external won’t harm your AC, but hire a professional for deeper issues. Lastly, your AC needs regular inspection and maintenance by a professional to keep the utility bills at bay, prevent a breakdown, and improve longevity.

For further consultation or to hire a professional handyman, get in touch with Octopus. Call our toll-free number, 800 3993.

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