Split AC vs Window AC

Is A Split AC Easier To Maintain Than A Window AC?

Which is better in window AC and split AC?

Decisions, decisions! What color should you paint your walls? Which furniture will find its way to your abode? And, most importantly in a climate such as that of Dubai, should you purchase a split AC or a window AC? 

The split AC vs a window AC conundrum has left many confused. Everyone asks: which is better in window AC and split AC? But the answer is not as straightforward as that. In fact, it completely depends on what you want for your house! 

Indeed, the split AC is a modern choice, and aesthetically pleasing for the home, but there are still advantages of the window AC that need to be told. So, what should you choose? We hope this guide by Octopus experts will help. 

Window AC

As the name suggests, a window AC is perfect for fixing onto a window, especially in a smaller space. Not only are they less expensive, but the maintenance costs are also lower. Window ACs are rather handy as they come in a single unit. One part is installed within while the other is outside, facing away from the house. A window AC is the older version of the two but still packs a punch, being a favorite of many owners of older properties even to this day. 

Split AC

The more modern counterpart to window ACs, a split AC is also wall-mounted and has a larger cooling capacity for bigger spaces. Unlike window ACs, they don’t need any windows and come in two units, the condenser, and a compressor. The compressor goes outside while the condenser is placed within the room, cooling the room.

Now that you know the basics…

Let’s get onto which one is better suited for you. Each type of AC comes with a set of pros and cons, and you need to get one that suits your requirements. While asking yourself, “Which is better in window ac and split ac?”, don’t forget to take in your surroundings as well. 

We suggest noting down points of your surroundings before making your decisions. How big is your room? Have you budgeted for your AC, especially in the long run? What can you afford to shell out for annual maintenance? 

Once that’s done, we suggest reading the following points to get a better picture:


If colors and aesthetics are what you’re after then the split AC is a better choice. You can choose one that blends in well with your room’s current decor, keeping it chic and contemporary. On the other hand, a window AC usually comes in a single color, being white, which isn’t too bad as white matches with nearly everything. 

To install a split AC you would certainly need the help of a professional technician who knows how to connect the two units and help them run efficiently. Along with this, you would have the added costs of installing your AC on top of purchasing costs. Once you install the AC in one place, it won’t be possible to remove and install it in another without professional help once again. Window ACs are far more portable and easier to install. 


Split ACs have a larger cooling bandwidth and are perfect for larger rooms and studios. Considering the fact that heat is rampant in Dubai if you’re staying in a larger space, a split AC would be the better choice. 

Window ACs are portable and compact and do the best job in smaller rooms. It wouldn’t be wise to place a portable AC in a wider room as it simply wouldn’t cover the whole area and it wouldn’t make sense. 


A good split AC usually costs more than double that of a window AC. So if cost is one of your main considerations, then a window AC would be the better choice, especially if the room you’re buying this for is smaller because there aren’t any charges for installation too.

However, looking at it more holistically and keeping your comfort in mind, a split AC would work wonders in a larger space and would keep you free from summer heat too. While the costs are higher, the benefits in a larger space are far more.

Power Consumption

If your AC has a high star rating, the power consumption will be more efficient. Each star rating consumes 10% less energy than its lower version, the highest rating being 5 stars. Also if you’re buying an AC for a smaller room, a mid-range star rating should suffice. However, if you need it switched on all the time for a larger room, a 5-star AC is the way to go. It all boils down to how much energy you have to spend and other cost considerations. Note that the more energy efficient your AC is, the longer it will work. 


Do you want a sound night’s rest? Then the split AC is probably the best choice for you. Not only does it produce minimal noise but looks highly aesthetic while doing so. In areas where you need to concentrate or relax, the split AC wins. 

Window ACs are fixed on a window and therefore produce a lot of noise because the compressor is within the unit. If you’re used to this sound or even need an atmospheric sound to help you fall asleep, it would be the better choice for a smaller room. 


Window ACs are low maintenance as they are compact with fewer elements. Even if you do hire a technician to look into it, the overall costs and repairs would not mount too much. You could also do a bit of self-servicing with the right advice. 

A split AC requires bi-annual maintenance at the very least, excluding other such problems that might come up. You would need a professional to look at your AC and that adds to your costs. In times of troubleshooting, split ACs need immediate assistance otherwise the entire system is at risk of breaking down. 

At the end of the day

Both ACs have their boons and banes, but depending on your requirements, you need to get the best one for your home. The size of your rooms coupled with monetary constraints are vital factors in deciding your best course of action. If you’re willing to spend, a split AC is the best choice, otherwise, opt for a window AC. Aesthetics also play a role. If you want an AC that complements a modern home, go for the split AC. But if you don’t really care about that, then a window AC is enough. 

We just want to make sure that you are informed on both aspects so that you make the best decision. An AC is an investment for several years, therefore you should make a purchase without any regrets. Our experts are always here to help in case you need further advice! 
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