Tips On Finding The Right Plumber

Find the right plumber to solve your issues.

We all have days where our pipes just aren’t quite up to the mark. Having a plumber on hand during these moments is crucial. 

You might try fixing these on your own, but this could lead to more harm than good. Pipes are not as strong as they look. One wrong step could cause a breakdown. Once you are ready to hire a plumber, you must have the right company on hand.

Plumbers that have a relationship with you know your house in and out. They ensure that the same problem doesn’t keep coming up again and again.

Here are tips from our experts on finding the right plumber for your home. 

License and insurance

Always check for a license before hiring a plumber. When hiring from a professional company, plumbers are mandated to have licenses. Being insured against untoward events is even more important so that you are dissolved of any liabilities that might occur due to damage at the workplace.

Find out about their experience

Since you’re hiring someone for the long-term, it’s important to check their experience in the field. A company that’s been around for a while and or is known to have experienced plumbers should be your first choice. A brand name you can trust is important because you know that the job will get done. 

Call the plumbing companies that you’ve shortlisted

If you’ve shortlisted some plumbing companies, get in touch with them through contact forms or emails. Give them a call and ask them about basic information. Check how many years they have been in the industry, what type of services they cover and if there are any discounts or packages. 

Also, check if they offer other services apart from only plumbing. Some companies offer the entire package, including solving electrical issues, repainting, and AC maintenance, and you could check if they have annual maintenance contracts.

Ask for proper estimates and contracts

Don’t ask for the rate unless a plumber assesses the situation at home. They should come to your place and do a thorough inspection, understand the full problem, and quote accordingly. Many companies only quote over the phone at a base rate, and then add several more costs when they realize the job is much bigger. 

Also, ask your plumber if they have done similar jobs before or if they have worked in the area. Pipes of a certain building or area tend to work the same way, and any experience in this matter helps. You can also ask them how much they charged for a previous job of the same kind. If you’re entering into an annual maintenance contract with a company, make sure to check all the fine print and ensure that it includes everything you need. 

Reviews and references

While getting bombarded with advertisements is one way of narrowing down your plumber, don’t always believe what’s said! You should always look out for reviews on the internet, both good and bad. If your target plumber has done a job that’s not up to the mark, trust us, the experience will be posted online. Also, check online forums for references from other individuals in your area.

Their standing compared to others 

How does this plumber set themselves apart from the competition? What is their strategy? Have they won any awards? Check up on all these things, especially for awards that have been voted by the audience themselves. Also, check if they give back to the community and in what way? Are they part of CSR drives? Do they have community drives to save water? The more they do for the environment, the better.


There’s nothing better than getting a personal referral, especially in fields such as plumbing. Ask people you know from neighbors to family and at work, check if they know any local plumbing company that provides top-notch services. Make a list of what they say, and you’ll soon get the answer you’re looking for. 

Once you have a list in hand, we still recommend verifying the companies through your own online check, just to make sure you’ve crossed everything out. 

Ask a professional 

If you have someone coming in to do AC maintenance for the longest time, it would be great to ask them for their professional referral. After all, they have a wide network and would be the best people to ask for others in similar industries. Let them give you a list of potential plumbers, however, make sure to do your due diligence as well. 

We hope you now know how to find the right plumber

Octopus has licensed and insured plumbers on hand who have done a wide variety of jobs in Dubai. Our professional plumbers are completely trained and highly experienced to handle a large variety of plumbing situations. Through visits at least twice a year, they ensure that your plumbing is in top order and fix any issues if any. We make sure that your plumbing system is in top shape always.

Our experts always check the entire scope of the job before sending you an estimate, as we don’t want to overcharge. We’re more than happy to listen to any of your queries over the phone. Please give us a call on 800 3993. 

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