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5 Tips to Prep Your Home for Summer in Dubai

Dubai, the land of endless sunshine, receives an average of 8-10 hours of sunlight a day, all year round. This makes it ideal for residents and tourists looking to soak up some sun and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. But as the summer months roll in between May and August, it would be wise to prep yourself and your home to endure the harsh heat. During these summer months, temperatures can soar to over 45⁰C! The sand absorbs the direct rays from the sun and heats the air, resulting in warm gusts of wind and extreme humidity. Staying hydrated, wearing light clothing, and using sun-block are useful ways to brace yourself for Dubai’s summers outside of your home. 

Most facilities in Dubai such as public and private transport, malls, offices, and schools are air-conditioned. This is a blessing for the residents and tourists who would otherwise melt in the outdoor heat. Preparing your home to withstand the heat and humidity is also vital if you want to breeze through the sweltering heat without breaking a sweat!

Here is a list of things you can do to turn your home into an oasis of comfort while facing summer in the desert!

Get your Air Conditioning checked

Almost every home in Dubai is fitted with Air Conditioning units or centralized Air Conditioning systems. Whatever the type, during summer, your AC will likely be working over time. This could lead to malfunctions or breakdowns, which could spell disaster for you and your family. To avoid this sticky situation, make a call to  Octopus preemptively so we can clean the filters and replace old or worn-out parts if required. This is the first and most vital step to ensuring there is fresh, cool air flowing through your home at all times. A comfortable environment is the key to keeping your cool! It’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive. Don’t forget to keep all your windows and doors closed to enjoy the full benefit of your Air Conditioner.

Keep the critters away

Finding it hard to enjoy that tall glass of ice-cold lemonade because of those pesky flies? Trying to whip up a nice fruit salad but end up fighting off ants? The summer heat brings a host of creatures crawling out of the woodwork! Insect activity increases during warmer months as they emerge from their winter sleep- hungry and ready to reproduce.

This could wreak havoc in the kitchen as food tends to spoil faster in the summer heat, attracting flies, roaches, and ants among other critters. Fortunately for you, several expert pest-control services are available in Dubai. Don’t wait around till these uninvited guests build a home for themselves within your home. Call pest-control services for a routine check and extermination if required and your home will be pest-free for the next six months.

If you have concerns about the use of chemical products, there are several non-toxic and chemical-free products available in most supermarkets that will keep the bugs at bay. Regularly taking out the trash, keeping food covered, and sealing your windows and doors will help ensure your home is critter-free this summer. 

Interior design make-over

Imagine coming home from work and collapsing into your favorite leather couch. It feels like heaven at first, but you soon begin to realize that you’re sweating profusely and your skin seems to be sticking to the material!

Some materials and fabrics are just not suited for summer in the desert. These materials can cause skin irritation and excessive sweating – not ideal in hot weather conditions. It’s time to put away sheets, pillow covers, and carpets that are made of heavier materials. Instead, bring out lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen. Swap out dark, warm colors such as red, orange, and black for lighter neutrals.

The only place where a heavy, opaque material might come in handy is for curtains. Keep them drawn during the day to block out any direct sunlight that might enter your house, hit the floor, and heat the inside of your home.

Go green

Add some foliage to complete your indoor oasis aesthetic! Indoor plants can provide a splash of color and freshness to your home. Adorn the nooks and crannies of your home with indoor plants which survive on nothing but water and a bit of sunshine.

Indoor plants not only look great, but they also offer many benefits for our physical and mental health. They act as efficient air cleaners by absorbing harmful toxic substances generated by man-made materials found in our homes. In addition to this, plants can help offset the dryness in the air caused by Air Conditioning.

People with allergies and respiratory issues can breathe more easily as a result of this. Studies have shown that plants can also reduce indoor air pollution. By adding oxygen to the air as a byproduct of photosynthesis, plants help to improve mood, mental focus, and energy.  This is an environmentally friendly way to fight the fatigue that comes with the summer heat!

Light up the right way

Regular incandescent and halogen light bulbs work by running a very high current through a metal filament, generating light through heat. As a result, using these bulbs around the house can significantly contribute to increasing the indoor temperature of your home- not a pleasant experience when you’re trying to escape the summer heat. A simple switch to CFL bulbs can help you avoid this elevation of indoor temperature as they emit less heat and also save energy. This two-fold benefit will help keep the electricity bills lower as well. CFL bulbs might be a little more expensive than regular bulbs but they last longer and are less wasteful of energy in the long run. Making this switch will not only keep your home cooler but also reduce that dreaded summer electricity bill!

Did you find these tips useful?

We hope these tips will help keep your home cool this summer. Some measures like changing the soft furnishings and keeping indoor plants can be taken up on your own. However, it’s best to seek professional help for your AC servicing needs. Being proactive about your AC functioning will ensure you have a comfortable summer by preventing malfunctions and improving overall performance. 
For further information or to  hire a professional handyman , get in touch with Octopus. Call our toll-free number, 800 3993.

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