Wall Art Ideas for Your Space

Wall art ideas we simply love!

A house feels like one when adorned with the things that define us. Details are super important, especially when we infuse elements of our personality into it. And a facet that has a big part to play in this is wall art. No one likes houses with bare walls, and to make your abode far cozier, you need to have the right plan in place.

Need a little help? No problem! Read on to find out our best ideas on wall art inspiration that are both practical and innovative.

Ditch frames

The standard photo wall montage has pictures encased in frames and hung in various patterns. However, we have a better idea. Instead of using frames, why don’t you get rid of them entirely? Make sure that you use a measuring and double-sided tape to keep the wall clean. You don’t have to do boring shapes but can try anything you want to. 

Travel photos

Travel photos always serve as moments of inspiration. A way for us to look back at adventurous times. Why not decorate your wall with this? Using the same double-sided tape technique as listed above, you can either create a mosaic or choose five or six of your favorite photos and frame them up. Hang them in key areas of your home.


If your target walls are too thin, then try propping up some wooden photo ledges in any way your creativity tells you to. Put your photos on these ledges and let them pop out from your wall. You can also change the photos whenever you wish to. 

Lovely notes

Give your family members a surprise with a touch of love. Place these notes on whiteboards placed atop ledges or just a general wall of sticky notes. Write the quote of the day or anything else that would make someone’s day.

Decorative corner

While it might seem more important to cover larger areas and blank spaces of your home, sometimes, just having a single statement corner can make all the difference. Why not place framed photos or artwork in a corner. Connect two or more pieces on the edges.

Hang it up

Bring a piece of nature within with wall-mounted or hanging plants. This is a great tip in Dubai, where it’s not too easy to maintain an outdoor garden. Collect many plants together and interspace them with framed photos.

Expert Panorama

To create a lovely and immersive experience on any of your walls, hang a lovely panorama. To do this, split your photo into many sections and place them together on your wall. If you want to take this up a notch, try an abstract approach, where pieces are not exactly aligned or placed together. 

Wall shelves

Add a touch of personality to your space with several wall shelves stacked together. Once you have that in place, put in your prints, plants, decorative items, photos, and more. Every detail matters and brings a part of your personality to the forefront.  


For a more contemporary touch, source common metal frames and place them against walls in layers. Put multiple layers to give the wall a chic but disheveled appearance. The best part is that you can change the look of this up whenever you wish to.

Inspiring art 

Quotes can make anyone’s day, whether they are adults or children. Bring your little one to a magical and inspiring atmosphere by hanging playful quotes on imagination. You can use simple editing apps to create the images of your dreams. 

Special occasion photos 

Whether it’s a family photo or a photo of your wedding, it’s the perfect candidate for a massive gallery frame. Make sure that you place this frame in a very prominent position in your home. You can change this up whenever you want to as well. Make sure to asl your photographer for a hi-resolution photo.

Gallery wall

A traditional gallery wall is easy to create and is also customizable. Simply place some photos in your favorite photo frames, but make sure that they differ in size. While choosing photos, pick those that make you emotional or inspired. Aesthetics are important too!

Make the gallery in whichever shape you like, there’s no hard and fast rule. It would be good, however, to have a little bit of space in-between frames to make sure that each photo shines on its own.

Akin to modern art

To create stunning portrait pieces in any home, try going for a lifesize metal-framed photo in a space that needs some attention. They will immediately grab the attention of anyone entering your home, and complemented by a beautiful metal finish, will take your indoor ambiance to new heights. You could get this done professionally by a photographer or opt for getting it done at home. Just make sure the photo is of a very high resolution.

Historic photos

Are you fond of your ancestry and family heritage? Well, why don’t you dress up your wall with this? Pay tribute to your family by scanning older photos and placing them within frames. Even a scanning app will do. If you want, divide the photos into timelines, placing the older ones and proceeding to newer ones. Or, mix up the years and have fun! Whatever your creativity suggests.

Abstract prints 

Certain prints truly inspire the soul, and this includes abstract prints or those of clouds and space. Either purchase huge prints from the store or get those of your choice printed from a nearby print shop. Place these in key areas of your home, your bedroom, children’s room, and more. 

We hope you’re inspired by these wall art ideas! 

Great wall art requires equally aesthetic walls to complement them. It won’t do to place your art on chipped walls or those with leaks. Use the services of experts from Octopus to keep your walls painted and in good shape. Reach out to us on 800 3993 for more advice from our experts.

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