What Are The Risks Of Using A Plumber Without A License?

A guide by Octopus property maintenance

When you hire a plumber, you want to make sure that they have all the necessary qualifications. For example, Octopus property maintenance employs qualified and licensed handymen for all types of jobs, including plumbing.

Good plumbing is one of the most important parts of a stable house. Leakage, improper drainage, or a faulty faucet could cause a lot of problems, the least of which is water spillage. Plumbing forms the backbone of your home, making the space behind your walls structurally sound. 

Thinking of doing it yourself? Please don’t.

And if you’re thinking about doing the job yourself, please think twice. You might end up making matters worse than they already were. Under no circumstances should you try a DIY project unless you’re trained on how to do it. 

In today’s Instagram age with “life hacks” and whatnot, it could be tempting to try solving issues on your own. But have you stopped to consider the risk you are putting yourself in? You probably don’t have the right safety gear and might even render your home structurally unsound. So, switch off those Youtube videos and look towards hiring a professional. 

To license or not to license?

This is why it’s important to do research before embarking on a project with any company, including Octopus property maintenance. You want to make sure there are sufficient reviews online. It’s also important that people who work with these companies only have good things to say. Additionally, you should get on a consultation call with your handyman or plumber to check how knowledgeable they are. Of course, the price is extremely important as well. 

Another thing that’s super vital but often gets overlooked is checking if your plumber has a license. There are several risks associated with hiring an unlicensed plumber. Read on to find out more.

The problem of permits

Contractors who don’t have a license have far more difficulty in obtaining permits for a job. Certain areas require permits, from buildings or authorities, and if you don’t have one, you are at risk of violating major rules. Not only could you be fined, but you might also have to pay for damages incurred to your property during the job. Random checks are common in the region and you shouldn’t put yourself in an unanswerable position. Make the right choice and go for a licensed plumber or contractor.


Along with permits, another issue of insurance could arise. Licensed plumbers also have insurance coverage, so if anything untoward happens during the job, their insurance covers any damage to their person. In case there isn’t, the contractor might ask you to pay for the damage caused, leading to increased costs, and even a potential lawsuit. 

Also, there’s a whole other matter of general liability insurance. In case your plumber doesn’t have one, your home insurance policy would need to cover damage inflicted on the job. Just check whether your plumber has all bases covered when unexpected events strike. 

Poor quality of work 

An unlicensed plumber is more likely to be updated with the city’s structure and your building’s specifications, especially if they work in your area. Octopus property maintenance dispatches plumbers to all parts of Dubai, handling your issues with professional assurance. These plumbers undergo training in various areas and learn how to tackle different situations. 

Unlicensed plumbers might offer you their services at a cheaper rate, but is it worth the risk? They could damage your plumbing system, contaminate your pipes or just break its structural integrity, leading to more costs and even the possibility of a lawsuit. What you need is a professional who charges competitive rates but does a great job.

Using the right materials

Plumbers that are licensed and legit invest in proper plumbing equipment that is essential for resilient and seamless results. Coordinating with licensed plumbers will ensure that your home is in good hands.They combine their expert knowledge and skills with world-class tools for an outcome that is better than expected. 

For example, Octopus property maintenance equips each handyman with the latest, top-of-the-line equipment, and as each employee is well qualified, they know how to use them to perfection. In fact, while consulting with your plumber, find out which tools they use as well. 

Safety first

Licensed plumbers and companies such as Octopus property maintenance, ensure that rigorous safety training takes place, right from how to put on safety gear including proper helmets, gloves and shoes. Unlicensed plumbers might not even wear the correct attire required for such a job. 

Professional contractors always follow procedure, and the job gets done far quicker than it normally would. They also usually pay per project and let you know how much time it would take overall. Unlicensed plumbers often charge per hour and could overcharge by taking extra time that wasn’t required.

A holistic perspective

A licensed professional is more than qualified to give you advice on the next steps to take for your home and can pinpoint problems before they even happen. While fixing a leaky faucet, they might notice poor drainage or a potential pipe bursting at its seams. 

As such, they’re the best people to let you know what could go wrong and how to fix it quickly. It would save you time, money, and heartache in the future. 

Building a long-term association

While an unlicensed plumber might work for an odd job or two, there is no way they would be sustainable as your long-term option. For one thing, the initial job they have done wouldn’t be up-to-the-mark. For another, it’s too much of a risk asking them to work at your house over and over again as they don’t have proper insurance coverage. 

With licensed plumbers, you can create a long-term relationship built on trust. You would never be caught working with someone who doesn’t have a permit, is untrained, or doesn’t have general liability insurance. That’s a massive boon in our eyes!

And so…

Sure, hiring an unlicensed plumber could be less expensive in the short run, but how about all the long-term costs that would eventually creep in. From doing a shoddy job to covering any damage done to your property, hiring an unlicensed plumber or contractor just isn’t worth the risk. You would end up paying much more on a home project than you ever dreamed of doing.

Octopus property maintenance employs licensed technicians and trains them on all types of jobs. From fixing leaking faucets to getting your drainage system in order, our world-class employees are at your service. They know what they are doing and how to execute these services in the best way possible. 

Not only plumbing, but we’re also experts in repainting, electrical repairs, air conditioner tweaks, and general home maintenance. If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our toll-free number, 800 3993.

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