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Why Should You Hire a Bathroom Fitter? 

Kitchens are vital to the daily functioning of a home, but one would argue that bathrooms are even more essential! Bathrooms are little oases of serenity that provide you with a safe space to be alone with your thoughts. In this space, you can not only rejuvenate your body with a crisp, cool shower but also clear your head. Your grooming routine every morning begins in the bathroom- washing away the sleep from your eyes, brushing your teeth, and getting in work mode, ready to take on what the day has to offer. Again, at the end of a long day, you can step into your bathroom and wash away the worries of the day. To keep you feeling and looking your best, your bathroom needs to be in excellent condition. 

There are certain measures you can take to ensure that your bathrooms are fitted with everything you need before you move into your new home. Regular inspection of plumbing and bathroom fixtures can save you the trouble of dealing with clogged pipes and leaky faucets. 

Here are a few good reasons to hire an expert to take care of your home plumbing needs: 

 Installation of Bathroom Fixtures 

Most houses on the market come with basic plumbing, taps, and faucets in place. It’s up to you as the homeowner to add your signature touch by injecting your unique style into your bathroom. While painting and remodeling can be expensive and time-consuming, a simple way to add a classy touch to your bathrooms is by choosing stylish fixtures. The perfect shower head, tap, or faucet could give your bathroom a luxurious vibe. Bigger components such as wash basins, toilets, and bathtubs might put more of a strain on your creativity and decision-making. Keep in mind that while the smaller fixtures are relatively easy to replace, these larger fixtures will be around for a while. As a homeowner, you want to make sure that all these components are expertly installed. For most of us who don’t have expertise in plumbing, it would be a good idea to call in an expert plumber to fix up your bathroom, just the way you like it. Our experts at Octopus will put everything in place with utmost care not to leave a single leaky faucet. Contact our plumbing experts to ensure that your daily bathroom experience is a pleasant one! 

Preventing leaks and Wastage 

Water conservation is a vital step to using the Earth’s limited resources conscientiously. Did you know that a single leaky faucet can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water in a year? If you are mindful of the impact you have on the environment and like to use water judiciously, this waste could seem almost criminal! If you spot a leak, get it fixed right away, rather than letting it get heavier. Some leaks are easily fixed by a few twists from a wrench. For those tricky leaks, call an expert to stop the drops. A faulty or damaged tap might be easy to spot but leaks sometimes spring in pipes that are concealed within walls. Instead of resorting to your own devices, call an expert plumber from Octopus to inspect your plumbing and fix any leaks. Leak-free plumbing not only prevents water wastage but also cuts out unnecessary charges on your water bill. Leaks may run, but under the expert eyes of our plumbers, they definitely cannot hide!  

Efficient Water Heating 

Making sure your water heater is working efficiently will not only make your showers more pleasurable but also use only as much electricity as required, preventing unnecessarily high electric bills. As you may already know, water and electricity can be a lethal combination. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do not attempt to inspect or change your water heating systems on your own. It takes an experienced plumber to know exactly what steps to follow to ensure safety. First, the plumber will inspect the existing heating unit and identify the correct model for the replacement. Next and most importantly, the electric and water lines are shut off. Only after this step does the plumber disconnect and dismount the old water heater and replace it with the new one. All that’s left is to connect all the pipes and valves, check for leaks, and tidy up the place! Regular inspection of your water heating system is recommended as pipes and valves can whither from calcification. Call on our expert plumbers to keep your water heating system working at the optimal level. 

Tank and Pipe Cleaning  

The Dubai Municipality has recommended a tank inspection and cleaning once every 6 months. As Dubai functions on the tank and pump system to cater to the residents’ plumbing needs, it is vital to your family’s health to make sure all the hardware is in pristine condition. If there are cracks or leaks in your water tank or pipes, dust and bacteria could enter your water system. In addition to this, stagnant, untouched water acts as a breeding ground for germs. Having this contaminated water run from your taps for cooking, bathing, or washing clothes is completely unacceptable! These contaminants could cause serious health issues for you and your loved ones. Over time, some of your pipes might get rusty as well. While iron is considered an essential component for your body’s functioning, it certainly should not be ingested this way. Rust particles in water can cause tiny cuts and lead to iron poisoning. Avoid these unsafe situations by calling an expert plumber from Octopus to have your tank and pipes cleaned and restored to perfect condition.  

Getting Rid of Clogs 

You might have gone to great lengths to find the perfect shower head or tap that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. But what good is this if the pipes and showers are clogged? The buildup of dirt, hair, fur, and other insoluble substances could lead to blockages in the flow of water through your pipes. In some cases, these blocks can be cleared easily by using commercial drain cleaners available at most stores. Drain covers help trap strands of hair before they go down the drain. Using shower products without particles, granules or oils could contribute to the health of your plumbing system. In case you find yourself in a sticky situation you cannot escape from, call our expert plumbers at Octopus. Trained to identify the source of the blockage and equipped with the perfect tools for the job, our experts will ensure a clog-free showering experience. 

Looking forward to that spa-like experience at home? 

Good plumbing is vital to your mental and physical health. We often take the gift of clean, running water for granted as it has become part of our daily routines. Keep your bathroom in perfect shape and enjoy a hassle-free experience all year round. 

For further information or to hire a professional plumber, get in touch with Octopus. Call our toll- 

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