Why You Should Have A Plumbing Inspection Before Buying A Home

Yes, a plumbing inspection is really important before buying a new home. 

You’ve sifted through 100s of properties, visited too many to count on your hands. Now you have finally settled on your dream home. But what if this home has faulty plumbing? 

The whole process of buying a home is arduous, confusing, and lengthy. We know buying a house is at the top of the bucket list for many. There are several things to do before putting in your deposit. However, so many people overlook proper plumbing inspections, and this tends to cost them in the long run. Getting a plumbing inspection done isn’t a simple choice anymore. It’s something that MUST be on your list. 

Here are some reasons why you need a plumbing inspection before buying a home:

-Some banks require a plumbing inspection before accepting loans to house-buyers. As such, it would become mandatory for you to get your home’s plumbing inspected. 

-It’s better to be safe than sorry. Getting your plumbing checked will make sure that the home you’re about to buy is in the best condition. Extreme plumbing issues could also impact your home’s valuation. And can make a difference during negotiating your price with your realtor. 

-If you’re looking to renovate your house in any case, you don’t want to face any nasty surprises. Since you have a budget set for renovation, check that you don’t spend on fixing the plumbing as well. 

-You need to check your plumbing to keep your long-term water bills in check. For example, frequent leaks, and malfunctions could lead to much higher repair bills. They can also keep your water costs high, also resulting in water wastage. 

Here are the areas you need to check and get inspected before purchasing a house. If you aren’t aware of these elements yourself, make sure to hire a professional. 

The main sewer line

If you find sewer water coming out from the bathtub it could be because the sewer line is clogged. It’s possible that the sewer line gets clogged because of smaller issues such as keeping your hair unchecked or food bits. These types of issues are well hidden unless owners know about the signs. 

As such, previous owners of the home might not know about the issue and wouldn’t bother getting it checked. If you don’t inspect and buy the house, the cost of replacement or repair will fall on you. Such clogs are major issues. They might need days to repair, taking away from other things you’ll need to do in your new home. 

Getting a plumbing inspection by a professional will ensure your main sewer line is investigated properly. It will also help you know if each element is functioning, and if you have to bear any repairs in the future.

Also do check that each drain in this new house is drained before passing it off to you. Left unchecked, it could affect the main sewer drain and your plumbing system at large, causing future problems. In such situations, your plumber might create holes in the walls and you’ll need to spend money to patch it back up. 

Pipe Leaks 

Pipe leaks can cause havoc in your home. You’d have to keep cleaning water from floors, and it could also mean bigger plumbing problems within your whole system. Leaks can breed mildew, mold and more, leading to serious health concerns and bacterial growth. They could also result in water corrosion and damaged pipes, shooting your replacement costs up.

In older houses, one thing to watch out for are lead pipes. These could be harmful and contaminate water, especially for children. If you do an inspection, you need to make sure that there aren’t any lead pipes around.

Water heater

Do you like long, hot showers? Then you need to triple check your water heater. In case it’s old or made of a metal, you may need to replace the entire thing. Getting an inspection done will make sure that the heater is in proper working order. You don’t want to be stuck with a malfunctioning water heater for even a few days at home. Once this is checked and if the repairs are minor, you could still get a plumber to do the repair. 


Issues with the toilet are serious and can be very costly to repair. Leaks at your toilet’s base could indicate major problems. Sometimes the toilet isn’t firm on the floor and flaky, causing these leaks. Not only do toilet leaks smell absolutely putrid, but they can also damage the floors. Repairing this is not only expensive. Many floor owners cover it up with a rug, resulting in the onset of bacteria.


Run the taps in your new potential home especially from your sinks and showers. In case it comes out in an odd color or smells weird, this is a sign that the home’s plumbing has issues. Some of these problems could be mild such as short-term water discoloration. However, if the issues are far more widespread, the pipes might need entire replacements. The professional inspecting your pipes, who is most likely a plumber too, can pinpoint the exact cause.

Water pressure 

If you like showers with high water pressure, then you will hate staying in a house with lower water pressure. Low water pressure is indicative of problems in your drainage and pipe system. Check that the water pressure is high so that you don’t have to fix this issue later. Those inspecting your home can find the originating source of the low water pressure fairly quickly.

Sink’s foundation

Checking your sink’s foundation is ultra-important to prevent rotting. The older your sink, the more chance of it crumbling or dropping. The moment you catch this early, you can employ a plumber for minor repairs. However, if it’s not taken care of, the problem can be enormous and very costly, even leading to replacement. Therefore, if you get it inspected and the sink needs to be replaced, think twice. Also, if you’re going for an antique feeling, check the pipe conditions before you do. 

Now you know why you require a plumbing inspection.

All that remains is getting this done. Don’t invest in a house with fault plumbing because the costs will mount up in the long run. If you truly adore your potential house and are willing to spend on repairs, then go ahead. An inspection is still important because you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. With an inspection, you can get a true valuation of the home and get a better buying rate as well. 
Once you purchase the house, get an annual maintenance contract with Octopus experts, who will make sure that your plumbing is in top form. Call our toll-free number 800 3993.

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