Plumbing Fixtures Maintenance

Sometimes, plumbing can be taken for granted, overlooking clear signs that you are in need of some plumbing service in Dubai.

There are three key areas with plumbing fixtures you must watch out for: Your kitchen, bathroom and shower.

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Bathroom Plumbing

Toilet care

Taking care of your toilet is essential. Proper plumbing avoids clogs or overflows that can result in an unsanitary environment. To prevent a toilet plumbing emergency, make sure not to treat it as a trash can. Don't dispose of any toilet paper or other material that may cause some clogging. You should also watch out for any leakage coming from underneath the toilet bowl, dampening your bathroom floor.

Sink care

Your sink can also add up some unwanted plumbing issues inside your bathroom. The most common, yet expensive nuisance is a leaky pipe. It does not always involve water gushing out of your sink, but it can also come as small, consistent, yet barely noticeable drops. So it's never a bad idea to lean down and have a quick look from time to time. Another common bathroom sink plumbing issue is a dripping faucet. Not every sink is equipped with washers to efficiently hold back the flow of water, plus, the daily wear and tear might weaken such holds, causing your faucet to drip incessantly. If this is the case, you're in need of some professional plumbing services in Dubai.

Shower care

Nothing like enjoying a nice hot shower in the morning or a cold and refreshing one after a long day at work. Sometimes, our jovial moments may be interrupted by low water pressure coming from our showerheads. Unfiltered debris may be the source of this problem, cluttering inside your showerhead. It is important to periodically clean it to keep a clear pathway for your waterflow.

Kitchen Plumbing

Plumbing kitchen care is also essential.

Similar bathroom plumbing issues are also present in kitchens. Heres how you can mitigate potential problems.

Watch out for leaks

Careful with leaks and dripping faucets. It is ideal to prevent incessant leaks inside your kitchen and avoid high water bills. 

Clogged drains

A clogged drain can be a real nuisance, especially when you lack a dishwasher to help you clean the plates after hosting a dinner party. There are quick solutions to fix drain clogs, like preparing a special solution with vinegar and boiling water or using a drain snake to clear your drain from debris.

Annual maintenance

To ensure a year round functional plumbing system inside your kitchen, it is important to schedule preemptive annual maintenance check ups. Not every issue is visible, that's why the help from experts on plumbing services in Dubai, can come a long way!


Frequently asked questions

Whilst off-the-shelf drain unblockers can help with some clogs, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. It may help in the short term, but regular blockages may be a sign that there is a larger problem. Supermarket products will only ever be a temporary fix with the potential to cause greater damage to your pipes. Some may be too corrosive or acidic and therefore not suitable to fix the problem. It is advisable to seek out a professional to assess the situation and get an expert opinion.
We understand that certain problems and incidents can not be predicted and need urgent attention. That is why we have plumbers on-call all day, every day, ready to assist you should you encounter a plumbing emergency that needs to be rectified immediately.
Mostly leaks in walls get known after there is some surface damage. If you notice a wet patch on the wall or peeling of paint in the areas close to the water source, this could be due to a leak. Some leaks may go unnoticed and keeping an eye on your DEWA water consumption will highlight those concealed leaks.
Yes, we offer our plumbing services in any community of Dubai but we usually do most of the jobs in the following ones: Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Business Bay, The Greens, The Springs, Palm Jumeirah, The Views, The Meadows, Barsha Heights (Tecom), Old Town, Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Mudon, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Islands, Meydan Avenue, Motor City, Dubai Studio City, Reem, Damac Hills, DIFC, The Sustainable City, Town Square, Discovery Gardens, and Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC).

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