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Property Maintenance Services in Dubai

A broken AC, leaky tap, chipped paint? Leave it to us!

Let Octopus take care of all your home maintenance and repair needs.

home maintenance dubai
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Property Maintenance Services in Dubai

home maintenance dubai

A broken AC, leaky tap, chipped paint? Leave it to us!

Let Octopus take care of all your home maintenance and repair needs.

AC Service & Repair

The last thing you want is the AC breaking down in the middle of summer.

From maintenance to troubleshooting, let our specialists identify potential problems early on in order to prevent bigger inconveniences and even bigger bills.


Don’t let those small drips become a waterfall of problems. When it comes to plumbing it is vital to report the issue as early as possible.

Our highly trusted professionals are always on the ready to get you out of all your plumbing ruts.


Whilst it is a vital part of our homes, it can also be a dangerous part if the right caution and due diligence is not paid.

That is why it is very important to have a trained specialist diagnose and fix any electrical problem you may have.


Whether you need some help with a recent DIY-project-turned-disaster (no, you’re not alone) or planning to add a splash of colors to the walls all throughout your home, our team can help turn your vision into reality.

Duct Cleaning

Many property owners don’t consider air ducts when maintaining their property - it’s usually out of sight, out of mind. However, dirt, could, and bacteria that gather there can pose a serious risk to you and your family.

Water Tank Cleaning

We don’t have to remind you that it’s crucial for your health to have access to clean water for hygiene, cooking and everyday life. Cleaning water tanks at home should be a regular practice aimed at removing mould, bacteria, sand, and debris from your water supply.

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Frequently asked questions

The best way is to call us and tell us what you need. On the same call we can fix a convenient time for our community technician to visit your property.

For emergency works our team will be at you home within 30 - 60 minutes and will arrest the issue immediately. Depending on what materials are needed they may have to return back at a scheduled time to complete a job. Most non-emergency maintenance issues will be attended to and fixed within the same day. In some cases, if there is a specialized part needed the team will have to procure the part and come back to complete the job. Your community engineer will keep you updated throughout this process.

Yes, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can arrange an appointment around your schedule, for a time that is most convenient for you. With that being said, most communities do not allow non-emergency works to be carried out after 5pm. Please ensure you check this before booking an appointment.

Yes, the tenant can cal us directly for maintenance issues.For landlords we have tailor made annual maintenance contract that not only ensures peace of mind to your tenants but most importantly ensures the equipment within your property are periodically serviced and kept in good order.

Your landlord can register with us through our website and sign up and pay for an Annual Maintenance Contract. You can then schedule visits directly with us.

We currently offer services at a number of freehold villa communities throughout Dubai. Please give us a call and we would be glad to assist.

We will provide the same warranty to the customer that is received from the supplier. It should be noted that warranty periods vary from no warranty (typically daily/frequently used parts such as faucets, switches, light bulbs etc ) to up-to one-year warranty for complete units, e.g. a full AC unit. Where an item is faulty within one month of fitting, we would request a replacement part from the supplier.

If the part was not damaged due to misuse, we will be happy to fix the issue free of any charges.

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