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AC Service & Repair in Dubai

Octopus Home Maintenance has fully trained, qualified and experienced technicians to assist you during AC breakdown and repairs. Or even better yet our technicians are trained and use their skills during our AC service to spot and prevent those costly breakdowns. Regular AC servicing is proven to increase efficiency and the lifespan of your AC unit

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AC Service

A regular air conditioning service consists of cleaning the essential mechanical and electrical components of your indoor and outdoor units. It is recommended that you book this AC maintenance service once every four months.

AC Repair

We attend emergency call outs and provide a diligent and efficient AC repair service in Dubai. AC maintenance can’t wait and neither do we! We’re available 24/7 when it comes down to AC repair.

Signs you need to schedule an AC service

Everybody knows you need to change the oil of your car but what people do not know is that AC units require servicing to keep up the efficiency and Prolong the life of the mechanical components.

In Dubai harsh climate its a good rule of to remember to service your AC units every 4 months but please see below some other signs

Lack of Cooling
Low Airflow
Increase of Dewa Bills
Humidity/Leakage issues

Benefits of regular AC service in Dubai

Increases efficiency

Due to an overload of mold, dirt and dust in your ducts, your AC systems may need to stress other mechanical parts, affecting the cooling efficiency of your unit. That is why an AC duct cleaning also helps your AC perform better!

Improves cooling

Ensure optimal performance; regular AC maintenance means consistent, improved cooling for lasting comfort.

Increase Life Expectancy

Stay worry-free with scheduled servicing, preventing sudden breakdowns and ensuring reliable, uninterrupted cooling performance.

Why Choose Octopus?

We bring a winning combo of top-notch skills and high-tech solutions to keep your home comfy and air clean. Your happiness starts with us.

How it Works

Call us and we will explain everything​
We schedule a date & time convenient to you​
Our expert technicians arrive on time​
We give you and your family peace of mind

We complete the service and show you why everyone loves our work

AC service process


Our trained technicians will first proceed to check both units, indoor and outdoor. Make sure all the mechanical and electrical components are running efficiently . The Ducts and Coils will also be inspected and assessed to check if they need deep cleaning. If we find any potential issues during the AC service our technicians will inform the customer and explain the impact that these findings could have on the AC unit.

Indoor unit service

Our technicians then proceed to clean the indoor air filter and at the same time check full operation of the FCU. This indoor Fan Coil Unit is what provides the cooling into the supplied area. Poor FCU maintenance can lead to low cooling performance, increase changes of leakages and breakdowns ultimately increasing repair costs.

Outdoor unit service

Firstly the team will clean the outdoor AC unit, cleaning any dust and debris from between the coil fins then proceeding to check the electrical and mechanical components such as the compressor and outdoor fan motor which are vital to the cooling of the home. Finally the Gas pressure is also checked, if it’s low, we make sure to provide a top up of up to 10psi.


Frequently asked questions

Multiple parts of your AC, including the filters, coils, and fins, require routine maintenance for it to function effectively and efficiently. Missing out on regular maintenance puts a toll on the performance of your AC. This results in your unit using more energy than necessary and unfiltered air circulating in your home.

Given the weather conditions and dust in Dubai, it’s advisable to clean your AC every 6 months to maintain its efficiency and performance.

The duration of AC unit cleaning typically ranges from 2 to 3 hours per unit, depending on the specific package chosen. Our service offers different packages to cater to varying needs, ensuring thorough cleaning and optimal performance of the AC system.

As summer kicks in, we definitely tend to run the AC more so an increase in your DEWA bill is expected. The first thing is to assess your DEWA bill to determine if the increase is in the electricity consumption or the water consumption. If there is a massive increase in the electricity consumption that doesn’t justify the increased use of the AC and if you have not periodically serviced your units, then definitely your AC is probably the cause.

The first question to ask is, when was the AC serviced last? The issue could be due to clogged air filters, gas leaks, or a faulty part. Getting your AC serviced periodically can ensure they run in optimal conditions and sudden breakdowns can be avoided.

Yes, it’s recommended. Even if used infrequently, AC units can accumulate dust, affecting performance. Regular cleaning ensures optimal efficiency and air quality.

Absolutely! Our AC services cover the entire Dubai region. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or in its outskirts, our dedicated team is ready to bring our top-notch AC services to your doorstep. We are committed to ensuring comfort and quality service for all our customers across Dubai.

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