Plumbing services in Dubai

Plumbing problems can disrupt your day and lead to major maintenance issues in no time. Leaky taps, clogged drains or toilets may quickly escalate to major problems if not attended to by a professional. Octopus Home Maintenance is your go-to solution for plumbing services in Dubai providing quick and reliable services. Our expert team not only fixes immediate issues but also implements preventive measures to ensure the durability of your plumbing system. Trust Octopus for efficient and precise solutions, making your life in Dubai stress-free. Call us today to book your plumbing service with us.

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What plumbing services do we offer?

Knowing some common problems helps you know when to gear up or when to get professional plumbing support. We'll have you know we're available 24/7 for all your plumbing needs! This can include everything, from broken fixtures to faulty water pumps/systems.

Plumbing emergencies

A broken pipe can happen at any time! That's why our emergency plumbers in Dubai are on call 24/7, ready to jump in their van and help you fix the issue.

Water leaks and more

Got a leaky pipe? Maybe water is seeping through your walls and have no idea why. Not to worry, our technicians are reliable and experienced plumbers in Dubai, who can help you identify and rectify the problem straight away!

Broken fixtures

A faulty fixture can lead to multiple plumbing issues. From leaks and low water flow, to being clogged with small sediments. Our plumbing services in Dubai can help you have a fixed and functional fixture in no time!

How plumbing services in Dubai help you

Save money

Every unaddressed plumbing issue worsens over time, increasing your repair cost by the minute. Routine inspections with our team of plumbers in Dubai can help you keep your pipes, drains and fixtures in check to minimize your maintenance costs.

Live with peace of mind

No one wants to come home and deal with puddles from a faulty pipe, shower with low water flow or discover water stains on their walls. Frequent plumbing inspections from our plumbers in Dubai will make the stress go away.

Save energy

Don’t let tiny drops make a big impact in your utility bills. Our emergency plumbers in Dubai are ready to help you rectify your plumbing problems and help you keep those monthly bills low!

We also look after your water heater

Sure, summers in Dubai can be tough. But you also get the cold gust of wind in winter mornings. A functional water heater is crucial during these months. Our plumbing services in Dubai can also help you replace a dysfunctional water heater. Here's how we do it…

Inspect current water heater

Our plumbers in Dubai make sure that your new unit matches your old one. Whether if it’s a 30L, 50L or 80L, the replacement heater must be identical in this aspect. Once we’re sure we have the right model, our plumbers shut off the main water supply and electricity breakers to kick off the show.

Disconnect old heater

We get to it. Our plumbers drain the remaining water inside your heater by connecting a hose to the drain valve. After, the drain valves are disconnected by using a pipe wrench or channel lock pliers. Power lines used to heat the water are disconnected and the heater is dismounted.

Install and test new water heater

We install your brand new water heater by connecting everything back. Before our plumbers finalize the installation, a water heater test is carried out to make sure the new unit works properly.


Frequently asked questions

Whilst off-the-shelf drain unblockers can help with some clogs, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. It may help in the short term, but regular blockages may be a sign that there is a larger problem. Supermarket products will only ever be a temporary fix with the potential to cause greater damage to your pipes. Some may be too corrosive or acidic and therefore not suitable to fix the problem. It is advisable to seek out a professional to assess the situation and get an expert opinion.
We understand that certain problems and incidents can not be predicted and need urgent attention. That is why we have plumbers on-call all day, every day, ready to assist you should you encounter a plumbing emergency that needs to be rectified immediately.
Mostly leaks in walls get known after there is some surface damage. If you notice a wet patch on the wall or peeling of paint in the areas close to the water source, this could be due to a leak. Some leaks may go unnoticed and keeping an eye on your DEWA water consumption will highlight those concealed leaks.
Yes, we offer our plumbing services in any community of Dubai but we usually do most of the jobs in the following ones: Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Business Bay, The Greens, The Springs, Palm Jumeirah, The Views, The Meadows, Barsha Heights (Tecom), Old Town, Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Mudon, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Islands, Meydan Avenue, Motor City, Dubai Studio City, Reem, Damac Hills, DIFC, The Sustainable City, Town Square, Discovery Gardens, and Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC).

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