Electrical water heater maintenance

You can't underestimate the importance of a functional water heater, even in the desert. Let's face it, no one really enjoys a cold shower in the morning. That's why we also offer this key plumbing service in Dubai.

Water heater maintenance is delicate, we recommend you request the help of a professional to ensure its functionality and replace it safely and adequately in case a water heater switch is necessary. How do we run a water heater replacement? Allow us to explain…

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Step 1


Before replacing your electrical water heater, we must verify that the new model matches the specifications of the old one. This is the first step any plumbing service in Dubai must carry out. Your home maintenance technician should ensure that the new heater matches the current heater's capacity, whether it's 50L,80L,100L or 150L, and its orientation; whether horizontal or vertical.

Step 2


Before dismounting your old water heater, we must first thoroughly disconnect, and drain it before removing it from the bracket. By connecting a hose to the drain valve, we drain the remaining water inside the heater. Next, we disconnect the water lines by using pliers or a pipe wrench. Then, the power lines that are used to heat up your water are disconnected, allowing us to dismount your heater in its entirety.

Step 3

Out with the old,
in with the new

The new water heater is rolled in. We re-attach the water and power lines back to the new heater. A commissioning test is carried out to make sure the new unit works properly.

Solar water heater

Novel sustainable water heaters are becoming more common in many communities. Solar powered water heaters systems are designed to help you curtail electrical expenses, while taking care of the environment. However, given Dubai's intense heat, their maintenance can be quite costly.

Our technicians are well trained to diagnose and repair all types of solar water heaters. From replacing the thermostat due to corrosion to replacing the mixing valve or pumps due to heat damage.

Our plumbing service in Dubai inspects:


We thoroughly inspect your solar powered electrical heater to ensure no leaks are present in the pipes, tank or panels. If they are, the consequences can be severe, causing corrosion on your unit, preventing it from functioning properly. Valves can also present some leakage. In this case, our experienced professionals replace the seal washer or tighten it.

Clean panels

Our technicians examine your solar panels, making sure these are clean and free from any dust or debris. Cleaning them ensures their proper functionality. A clean panel is also free from any leaks and/or corrosion.

Circulating pump

This is another component that reduces water usage expenses by recirculating unused hot water. Sometimes, the controller may be damaged by power surges or intense heat. Our technicians thoroughly inspect this electrical piece, and make sure no obstruction, corrosion or trapped air affects its functionality.

Our team follows a meticulous maintenance procedure, making the unit more efficient.

These types of water heaters can be delicate, especially in harsh weather conditions. Which is why a periodic plumbing service in Dubai for solar panel water heaters is recommended every 2 years.


Frequently asked questions

Whilst off-the-shelf drain unblockers can help with some clogs, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. It may help in the short term, but regular blockages may be a sign that there is a larger problem. Supermarket products will only ever be a temporary fix with the potential to cause greater damage to your pipes. Some may be too corrosive or acidic and therefore not suitable to fix the problem. It is advisable to seek out a professional to assess the situation and get an expert opinion.
We understand that certain problems and incidents can not be predicted and need urgent attention. That is why we have plumbers on-call all day, every day, ready to assist you should you encounter a plumbing emergency that needs to be rectified immediately.
Mostly leaks in walls get known after there is some surface damage. If you notice a wet patch on the wall or peeling of paint in the areas close to the water source, this could be due to a leak. Some leaks may go unnoticed and keeping an eye on your DEWA water consumption will highlight those concealed leaks.
Yes, we offer our plumbing services in any community of Dubai but we usually do most of the jobs in the following ones: Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Business Bay, The Greens, The Springs, Palm Jumeirah, The Views, The Meadows, Barsha Heights (Tecom), Old Town, Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Mudon, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Islands, Meydan Avenue, Motor City, Dubai Studio City, Reem, Damac Hills, DIFC, The Sustainable City, Town Square, Discovery Gardens, and Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC).

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