Water tank cleaning in Dubai

In Dubai, regular water tank cleaning is crucial, recommended every 6 months by Dubai Municipality. Neglecting it could lead to murky water with sediments and bacteria. Let us handle the dirty work, ensuring your water stays fresh and your worries wash away. Schedule your cleaning now for a consistently clean and safe water supply.

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What's included in the service?

Cleaning and disinfecting the tank

Thoroughly clean and disinfect the water tank using eco-friendly product to ensure safe and potable water.

Refilling the tank and checking float/foot valves

Refill the tank with clean water and inspect the float/foot valves for proper functioning.

Cleaning the tap strainers

Clean the tap strainer for a continuous and clear water flow.

Signs you need to schedule a water tank cleaning service

Is your water tank giving you signs it needs cleaning? Smelling something strange or seeing odd colors in your water? These are signs your tank could use some attention. Don't let dirt and impurities ruin your water quality. Let Octopus experts clean your tank, so you can enjoy fresh and clean water again. Say goodbye to tank troubles and hello to a refreshingly clean tank that keeps your water quality top-notch!

Can't remember the last time it was done
Odd taste or discoloration of water
If your last water tank cleaning was over six months ago
Recently moved-in or just renovated

Benefits of regular water tank cleaning in Dubai

Clean water throughout your house

Regular cleaning ensures your water tank is free from contaminants, providing consistently pure and safe water

Prolong life of water heaters, dishwasher, washing machine etc

Water tank cleaning preserves the longevity of water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines, preventing premature wear and tear.

Maintains skin and hair health

Ensuring clean water through tank cleaning safeguards skin and hair health by eliminating potential contaminants and maintaining water quality.

Why Choose Octopus?

We bring a winning combo of top-notch skills and high-tech solutions to keep your home comfy and air clean. Your happiness starts with us.

How it Works

Call us and we will explain everything​
We schedule a date & time convenient to you​
Our expert technicians arrive on time​
We give you and your family peace of mind

We complete the service and show you why everyone loves our work


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Frequently asked questions

Even if you don’t drink tap water, it’s important to clean your water tank because you use that water for things like brushing your teeth and cooking. If the water tank is dirty, it can have germs and things that might not be good for your health. Cleaning it regularly helps make sure the water you use at home is safe and good for everyday activities.

Your landlord will not initiate it, and for the cost you can check your agreement – costs and responsibilities are typically outlined there.

On average, cleaning a water tank typically takes around 2.5 to 3 hours. However, the exact duration can vary based on factors such as the size and the conditions of the tank.

According to the recommendations from the Dubai Municipality, it is advisable to clean the water tank every six months. Regular cleaning at this interval helps prevent the buildup of contaminants, bacteria, and impurities in the water tank, ensuring a continuous supply of clean and safe water for household use.

It is true that poor water quality, containing harmful impurities, might affect your overall health, including your hair. If the water is contaminated, it could indirectly contribute to hair problems.

Cleaning your water tank can contribute to better water quality, and in turn, it may have a positive impact on your skin health. Contaminated water can contain impurities and substances that might irritate the skin, leading to breakouts or other skin issues. Regularly cleaning the water tank helps reduce the risk of such contaminants, promoting cleaner water for daily use.

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